Friday, March 31, 2023
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Nikole Hannah-Jones Reframes America’s Memory of Slavery In ‘The 1619 Project’ In The New York Times

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  1. If Obama didn’t get us reperations I don’t know why the hell we think anybody else is. Gtfoh I don’t think we will ever move on

  2. But dam can yall black ppl see we send our kids to their sch n look 50 yrs later black sch are still failing cause yall building for ur own. Alot of yall are ben carson lets keep it real. She cld of built her own thay wld have made millions of jobs for up n coming black kids. Alot of yall black ppl who cld build for their own just goes out n work for them n thats why a person like me from the 80s dont see black business growth for up n coming blacks we still cant get jobs at a fair rate. While yall shld wait on ben Carson he is no different from jay z.

  3. Im in the electrical field n i dont see any black own construction companies in Charleston sc getting this money out here. Im stuck working for ppl who i hope tjeu treat me fair n pay me fair when im out here working my ass off. It shld had been a black company that i shld had been working hard for but im not. When are yall who get their shit together gone stop n come together a build the things we need.

  4. This is needed because some Black folks running around sounding ignorant talking about they aren’t descendants of people brought from West Africa, SMH.

  5. I totally agree about the Atlanta part. When I first moved here from the north, the first thing I noticed was the stark divide between white and black communities. Today. In 2019.


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