Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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HomeVideosNicole Murphy Apologizes For Kissing Antoine Fuqua: "I Wish It Didn't Happen"

Nicole Murphy Apologizes For Kissing Antoine Fuqua: “I Wish It Didn’t Happen”

Nicole Murphy on Wendy Williams Show, kissing Antoine Fuqua (00:10)
Demi Moore on Ashton Kutcher’s affair, threesomes (02:02)
Ashton Kutcher’s response on Twitter (04:55)
Young Dro to serve time for throwing banana pudding (05:08)

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  1. I don’t care that she even done that. Woman need to stop hating on other woman and hate the man who lied and cheated on you. She owes you NOTHING.

  2. Nicole Murphy looks as if she’d speak eloquently but she is merely an uneducated skank who uses what she has to get what she wants.

  3. They were having a full blown affair they didn’t accidentally run into each other in Italy that’s bullshit Wendy let her off too easy.

  4. A year for throwing pudding!!! It must be wayyy more violent then they letting on. I dont like the laughing at a battery charge.

  5. ‪Wow, the double standard is real. Kim is currently doing a poor job of clearing her homewrecker status, but Fuqua gets to be exonerated of having to explain why he dishonored his Family by having children outside of marriage and several mistresses?. You are Trash Fuqua. 98 degree garbage‬


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