Recently, NBA YoungBoy dropped his third project of the year. It was the subject of quite a bit of drama. At the time, the rapper took over Twitter conversations and trends. However, he eventually stepped away from the platform after expressing his thoughts. The Baton Rouge rapper released his mixtape, titled Richest Opp, earlier this month. Throughout this period, he garnered significant attention online for his Twitter outbursts, insults, and outrageous statements directed at the music industry. However, he concluded his online activity with the tweet, “Enough said!!!!!! Twitter deactivated.” This really did signal the end, and the rapper kept his word by deactivating.

One of the notable incidents involved his diss track “F**k The Industry Pt. 2.” On it, he targeted big names like Drake, Lil Durk, J. Cole, and Lil Yachty. YoungBoy even shared the song’s lyrics before its official release. Some of the more notable excerpts include extremely direct disses. YoungBoy mentions that he spoke to Drake on FaceTime, but the rapper didn’t like him. Apparently, Drake also told him he supports Lil Durk. The two famously have had ongoing beef and were set to release their projects on the same day. However, despite the drama, NBA YoungBoy’s mom says he was a great kid.

YoungBoy Sounds Like He Was A Perfect Kid

In a new interview with NBA YoungBoy’s mom, she reveals what he was really like growing up. Surprisingly, it sounds like he was a picture-perfect child. A clip of the interview was posted on the No Jumper Instagram, which you can see above. In the video, the interviewer asks the rapper’s mother if he was a bad kid. “No, he’s really one of my best children,” the woman replies. She was then asked to define what made YoungBoy a good child. The rapper’s mother had a very good answer for that.

“Because he cares about other people. Ever since he been little, he do stuff for his sisters and brothers. When he first got his little money – his sister was 16, he was like 14 – he bought her a car… bought her a little Chrysler… but it was about $3000 or $4000,” she revealed. “He always took care of his sister and his little brother. He always do for his friends. If he go to the store, he gon’ bring them back something, like candy. He help the neighbors…. Like all the older people. To this day, all the older people, they remember him.” Regardless of whatever beef YoungBoy is currently involved in, it sounds like he was raised well. What do think you of the interview? Let us know in the comments!

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