Friday, June 9, 2023
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MSNBC’s Brian Williams Gets DOTD For Basic Math Error Live On Air

Charlamagne Tha God gives MSNBC’s Brian Williams Donkey of the day after quoting a tweet claiming that former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg “could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over”

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  1. If a billionaire were to give away a million dollar gift to every person – after taxes – how dose that get whittle down to everyone getting only $1 something ? If I won million dollars playing the lottery I’d receive a bundle – even after taxes – I’m confused ?? A million dollar gift from a person equates to nothing – and winning a million from the lottery is viable ?

  2. *Breakfast Club got some fucking nerves giving out DOTD for this & mfs be misspelling shit left & right*

  3. okay , so the guy made a mistake…………what stupid arses must realize , is that , just because a person shows an especial talent for one thing , does not mean that , that holds true for everything…….DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………..

  4. I truly think he meant that he could afford to give out a dollar menu burger to every american. (Theres about 330mil Americans right now. So 500 mil divided by 330m is roughly $1.50) lol did this deserve donkey of the day though? Yal reaching. DOTD used to be some ish that we all used to be like “Why did he/she say/do that?? Wtf yeah that’s some donkey shit right there” now its petty. Now somebody could have a typo in their tweet and get donkey of the day.

  5. Well you should “blame the black girl” because if you played the whole clip you’d see that she’s literally the one who brought up the tweet in the first place, and most likely brought the tweet to the show. Racist idiots

  6. But, did someone do the math for wage earners—nah. I’m horrible at math, and off the top of my head I’d think they’re right. But, the point is well taken. I think a producer should’ve caught this.


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