Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Mike Explains Cheating on Lana Rhoades, How He Got Her Back

Mike explains everything that went down with his girlfriend, why they were fighting, how they got back together, how she’s making him unfollow pornstars, and how Logan is not supportive of Mike being in a relationship.Logan Paul also talk relationship, specifically the break up with Josie Consenco, her demands, what went wrong and how he’s enjoying single life right now.

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  1. You can clearly see that Logan is hating super hard on Mike with Lana haha..from all his videos n even in this one, you can obviously tell he likes her lol..I honestly think that he’s gonna try n hook up with her one day behind Mike’s back if he hasn’t already..he don’t seem like the type of friend to respect a homies girl or his ex..I mean look at how dirty he did his own brother, why wouldn’t he do it to a friend


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