Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Matt Ox on Growing Dreads, New Album, If He Fell Off and More!

Matt Ox returns to the No Jumper podcast and talks about new music, turning down money from Drake, school, Soundcloud era, relationship with X and more.

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  1. 0:16 – Matt Ox repeatedly saying “Type” in the previous interview
    0:42 – Matt Ox growing dreads
    1:10 – Matt Ox says respect is an illusion
    1:33 – The first Matt Ox Interview
    1:55 – How old does Matt Ox feel?
    2:13 – The effect of blowing up at such a young age
    3:10 – Matt Ox getting kicked out of private school
    3:46 – Matt Ox’s career sabotaged by his Instagram getting hacked and taken down numerous times
    4:21 – Where is Matt Ox with his music right now
    5:23 – The Music game changing and being about melodies right now
    5:49 – Was Matt Ox a Soundcloud rapper?
    6:11 – Dealing with a lot of label issues on the beginning
    7:18 – Matt Ox feeling like he fell off
    7:41 – How did the Matt Ox XXX song come about?
    9:13 – Audiences are quick to say a rapper “fell off”
    10:31 – Matt Ox still living in Philadelphia and his current lifestyle
    10:51 – Wanting to make a short and sweet album
    11:37 – Did Matt Ox want to take a break from the public eye
    12:25 – Is there any pressure from the record labels?
    13:10 – Not having a girlfriend
    13:41 – Is Matt Ox able to walk around Philadelphia with no problems?
    14:40 – Still homies with Hesh and Bluetooth and not liking weed
    15:11 – Is Matt Ox happy with the amount of traveling he’s been able to do so far?
    15:45 – How has rap changed since Matt Ox got into the game?
    16:19 – Young Thug and his whole camp blowing up
    17:17 – What features are going to be on the new album
    17:46 – One of Matt Ox’s song blowing up on Tik Tok
    19:03 – Adam22 taking a ginger shot
    20:11 – What has Matt Ox been listening to recently?
    20:31 – Still making music with Working on Dying and the evolution of Working on Dying
    21:09 – Drake tried to buy Matt Ox’s song “Messages”
    22:15 – Will there ever be a Drake Matt Ox collab?
    23:45 – Is Matt Ox a Billie Eilish fan?
    23:54 – Billie Eilish saying rappers are liars
    25:27 – When is Matt Ox dropping his new project and releases
    25:45 – Matt Ox dropping a collaboration song with Na-Kel
    26:45 – Matt Ox working with Puma
    27:00 – Adam22 can’t whistle
    27:29 – Matt Ox says No Jumper doesn’t actually exist
    28:14 – Matt Ox pulling up to Adam22’s crib to party
    29:30 – Hesh comes on camera

  2. Everyone stop hating on his hair it’s called freeform dreads it may take long but once everything locks up it will look good.


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