Rappers Lil Uzi Vert and JT have been dating since late 2019. The two went public about their relationship in 2021, and have been showing each other off ever since. From expressing their love through public displays of affection to gifting each other with luxurious items, the industry couple seems to be locked in pretty tightly.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

So much so, that Uzi, whose real name is Symere Bysil Woods, gave his boo a shoutout during his recent performance. Video footage captured the “Life Goes On” artist on stage confessing his love. While ranting to the audience, he stated, “I’m like… fully in a relationship,” as the crowd began to clap. He continued by jokingly saying that he’s always spoiling JT, born Jatavia Shakara Johnson, with money.

“It still seems that every day I’m in the house, I’ve got to give out a rack after a rack after a rack,” he repeated into the microphone. After his statement, he stood there and shook his head in astonishment before saying, “And, I love you JT.”

In recent news regarding the rap couple, the two had called it quits for almost a week. A tweet from 2015 was shared by a rapper named Distortedd. In it, Uzi was flirting with her by saying, “If you was meth I would Do it all day long.” Although the post was from years ago, it still managed to stir up some drama within the rappers’ relationship.

Uzi stated on Twitter, “Jt broke up with me over this dumb ass sh*t I don’t even do nothin FML.” Nonetheless, the two were seen boo’d up on Instagram the following week.