Lil Durk has been receiving some negative reviews for his track, “Sad Songs.” The song is from his latest album, Almost Healed, which he shared with fans yesterday. The album has been projected to be one of the hottest of the year, with the LP already taking over streaming charts.

“Lil Durk shoulda dropped his album when he was fully healed because this ain’t it,” wrote one Instagram user. Several other dissatisfied listeners followed suit, claiming that the track’s sound did Durk no favors. One user sounded off about their disappointment, writing, “We Don’t F*ckin like it straight up.” They continued, saying “[Durk’s] last album was good every artist won’t have a hit album all the time.” The user suggests, “he needs to grow more and develop more he already don’t care about lyrics which is really undeserving of him in the industry that’s why it’s garbage.”

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Some Listeners Think Lil Durk’s “Sad Songs” Is A Skip

Lil Durk’s fans came to his defense in the comments section, with one writing, “I like it so keep it cute .. if y’all don’t got nun nice to say don’t respond. Y’all tear down ppl too much.” Another user said, “I think ppl gone criticize regardless because if he do music and it just sounds the same YALL STILL GONE COMPLAIN!!!” They continued, telling the rapper, “DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY SMIRK.” One person wrote on Twitter, “Who ever said ‘Sad Songs’ wasn’t good. Clearly never was a DURK fan. He did what he always does pour his heart on a beat. I’m always Inspired.”

Earlier this week, Durk shared more about his healing process with DJ Akademiks during his Off The Record podcast. He told the DJ, “Everybody mourns.” He added that he’s turned his religion often as a means to get through hard times. Durk says, “I lay the rug down, I pray– I cry on the rug, I cry while I’m praying, I cry during Ramadan.”

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