Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Krayzie Bone on Shooting Wish Bone, Forming Bone Thugs, Migos & 21 Savage Beef & More

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Adam sits down with legendary Krayzie Bone to talk about crazy Bone Thugs stories, his legacy, his influence, non stop touring and what he has in the works!

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  1. 0:33 – Shooting his friend by accident
    4:11 – Eagle energy Ad
    5:06 – Early childhood and learning about the streets
    7:08 – Meeting the Bone Thugs
    8:55 – Avoiding all drugs and trying weed at 19 Yrs old
    10:28 – early interest in music and Hip Hop
    13:27 – Getting recognition in Hip Hop
    15:14 – Going to prison and thinking “Wish” had died
    17:45 – Getting the name “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony”
    21:43 – How hard has it been to stay together as a group
    27:55 – Having respect and support for Wutang
    31:23 – Japanese kid flies out to America to Bone Thugs original block and got robbed
    35:44 – Being considered the besy group of all time
    42:42 – Streaming money from old catalog
    44:41 – Having 9 Kids
    46:28 – Is there animocity between Bones Thugs-N-Harmony and Migos and 21 Savage
    49:49 – Eazy E passing away and losing a mentor
    54:18 – Performing at 90’s Hip Hop themed events
    56:18 – Crossroads Music Video
    1:01:53 – Not being able to smoke

  2. Kray one of the realist to ever touch the mic, give it up for 1/5 member from the goat group. Got me through some times, since 93-94.


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