Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Kian & JC Discuss Reality House BEEF, Driving Contestants Crazy & More!

Kian & JC, creators and directors of the Reality House, share with us about how the concept came about, the process, being young and in charge, trying to have Tana Mongeau on the show, driving contestants crazy and more!

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  1. 0:17 – Adam22 admits he is a super fan
    0:26 – Making a collaborative boy band YouTube channel
    2:26 – How did Kian and JC continue working together after 02L?
    2:55 – Evolution of Trevor Moran
    4:26 – Ad Break
    5:23 – How did Charlie Puth end up making their song?
    6:20 – People blowing up out of nowhere
    6:48 – Being on Youtube for a while now and always keeping the content fresh
    7:41 – What do the fans want to see from Kian and JC?
    8:23 – Was “Reality House” the first big scale idea they pursued outside of their regular content?
    9:05 – Kian and JC having a high production level and old school viral YouTube videos requiring very little work
    10:47 – Do Kian and JC feel like they outgrew their old content?
    12:00 – Beginning of “Reality House”
    14:41 – Leveling up the production level for season 2
    15:48 – To what extent does it feel like Kian and JC are torturing the contestants?
    16:42 – What type of scenarios do Kian and JC plan for?
    18:40 – Needing to make challenges even for everyone
    20:15 – How stressful is it during the filming process?
    21:52 – Are Kian and JC purposely bringing conflicting personalities together?
    22:41 – Were there any dream candidates Kian and JC wanted for the show?
    23:05 – Tana Mongeau flaking numerous on filming numerous times
    23:54 – No one getting special treatment no matter how big of celebrity they were
    25:16 – No one hooking up on the show yet
    26:05 – Different ideas for the “Reality House” series
    26:38 – Supplying all the alcohol and making sure no one got too crazy
    28:04 – Secretly casting for season 3
    28:44 – Kian and JC addicted to watching Tik Tok videos
    29:24 – Making a Survivor version of “Reality House”
    30:34 – The “Reality House” contestants getting cabin fever and wanting to leave
    32:20 – Setting up certain things for the “Reality House” taking much longer than expected
    32:45 – Kian and JC running a big operation as a 27 and 24 year old
    35:26 – Watching other reality shows and learning from them
    38:26 – How many weeks left to find out the winner?
    38:45 – Thinking about making a reunion show
    39:36 – Fighting being the holy grail of content in reality shows
    40:16 – Getting a better insurance policy for future ideas
    40:21 – Getting body guards for certain challenges
    41:11 – Lena The Plug the most likely to throw a punch

  2. Gotta say I like this interview bc its humble Adam has so many try hards on here he’s actually seems genuinely into the conversation also liked the og maco interview that one was interesting

  3. Adam should really have a team of researchers keeping up on stuff so adam seems like he knows what hes talking about while others go and hang with these rappers for vlog content. Outsource that shit u feel me.


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