Monday, March 20, 2023
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KFC Perpetuates Stigma Of Unhealthy America By Releasing Donut Chicken Sandwich

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  1. I’m trying *one* , just *one* . Nothing wrong with having *one* … times however many times I typed *one* … jk seriously tho I’m only going to have *one* I promise 😉

  2. Just unsubscribed, he literally just gave a company the donkey for doing the job well. 😂peddling death??? Tf people can make their own choices. Im skinny and should love that product. Fat people ruin everything

  3. I thought the same thing back when KFC had them Double Downs. They where good but I knew they where unhealthy than a motherfucker, using meat as bread is a recipe for disaster.

  4. So, basically, this is just a ghostwritten Luther Burger. They just changed what’s in the middle, but left the beginning and ending the same.

  5. Has Everyone forgotten about the KFC Fried Chicken Chicken Sandwich which was a chicken sandwich wrapped in two pieces of fried chicken?
    First they can’t no longer call themselves “Kentucky Fried Chicken” because the government has deemed their meat to be so genetically modified it no longer qualifies to be called “chicken” that they had to legally rebrand themselves to “KFC” to “sort of” eliminate the word “Chicken” from their Brand….however, second, let’s keep in mind that this IS a “Fried Chicken” establishment that no longer governmentally qualifies as calling themselves XYZ “Fried Chicken” that we’re talking about….so let that sink in…..I’ll wait…..
    Side bar, I do love their chicken little sandwiches and pot pies……Geeze I Hate Myself…..carry on….


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