Monday, January 30, 2023
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Kanye West Equates Strip Clubs To Sex Trafficking

Kanye West Sunday Service (00:10)
Will I Am has racist flight attendant (02:28)

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  1. Why didn’t y’all speak on the part where he said “Hollywood is targeting our children”? Why is that being swept under the rug?

  2. Yeah Kanye is right about the music entertainment devil connection dont act like he lying about that we all know that you speaking to someone who had first hand experience in america we rather hear a comfortable lie then a unsettling truth however I can only agree with Kanye to a certain extend yes male and female strippers do have sex after club hours or “private session” even tho it’s usually not controlled or allowed by club owners policies and human sex workers sometimes but a very small few do choose to be prostitutes dont act like specially if you from the hood we ain’t seen or hear about women saying they chose to get a bag when they fucking a nigga maybe not being pimped but escorting is still a thing and if bitches fucking a nigga to cash out and for the money wanting tangible items or should I say compensation for money hair done nails done ect that’s still a form of selling your body by choice for self gain or interested maybe if Kanye worded it a little better it be easier to understand I mean hottest female rappers talk about fucking a nigga for the bag or paying bills cashing out ect strip club has potential women to be part of voluntary sex trafficking but majority of that comes from being forced into it more then being voluntary so he ain’t that far off but his wording is off of the subject at hand


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