Monday, May 29, 2023
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Johnny Mo Feat. AyeWey – Million Roses (Official Music Video)

Description: Rapper Johnny Mo collabs with producer AyeWey to drop visuals on their buzzing single Million Roses. Together they’re breaking records while making records.

Johnny Mo




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  1. ayewey Dog if the vast majority of people are telling you ya made a whack song, ya made a whack song. Acting salty on all the comments isn’t gonna help at all or make the audience, the people u want listening to u in the future, think any better of u. Figure out what ya did wrong, listen to what ur critics say (or even ask them how it could have been better, so hopefully u can use that advice and ur next song sounds fire), and separate the obvious internet trolls from the real critics. People who say ur song was bad are criticizing your music, even if they throw a little bit of an insult in there. People who take it hella far and just try to insult tf outta you to get you mad are just trolling and tryna get u upset; they’re TRYING to make you mad so don’t reply cause that’s what they want lol, some sort of attention. Listen to the people who are saying ur song was bad and figure out why they think that way; ignore the people who insult your appearance, race, etc.

    Use this to make ur music better instead of getting upset and losing potential future fans. Personally, I thought the song had way too much autotune. For the video the setting was a bit boring. The colors of a drab graveyard and a dark bedroom don’t really pop out much; the one room I did like was of the guy who was featured on here. That place (or maybe the editing of that place) made it look a lot more scary, or trap-like even.

    I’m no music critic or anyone who knows a ton about hip-hop, I’m just a regular guy. You can take my advice or leave it! But hopefully you don’t take this internet shit too seriously; people are gonna say mean shit cause it’s the internet so disregard a lot of that, but if people say they didn’t like ur song don’t take it personally and figure out why so you can fix it and make ur next song 🔥

  2. Jesus, I’m sorry but this song is fuccin horrible. The autotune is soooooooo bad it makes it impossible to listen to. My ears are still ringing. Fucc

  3. Lol thumbnail looked trash and what do you know the music is trash. Thought he was speaking Spanish for a second. Nope just inaudible English.

  4. I hate this song but i watch your other videos…this is a rapper wanna be…ima dislike DISLIKE HIS CHANNEL AND DISLIKE ALL HIS MUSIC…U CANT RAP WHOEVER U ARE…NO JUMPER YOUR BEAT HITS HARD BUT THIS AUTOTUNE FREAK JUST AINT IT


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