Joey Bada$$ hasn’t released much music for a long time, and so fans were excited in May when the rapper announced a new album to be dropped June 17. He’s been hyping the project, called 2000, since the announcement, claiming, “You guys are gonna love the new album.” But the day before it was supposed to drop, Joey said he had to push back the release.

Though Bada$$ announced the delay before Drake publicized his new surprise album, fans hypothesized that Joey was trying to avoid going up against Honestly, Nevermind. Joey took to Twitter to deny the rumors.

“Y’all thinking I pushed my album back because Drake is comedy,” the Brooklyn rapper wrote. He did note, however, that he was grateful not to have to compete with a Drake release: “Can’t say I ain’t happy tho hahaha.” He also expressed his opinion of the album, writing, “I f*x with this new Drake tho.”

On June 16, Joey had taken to Twitter to announce the album delay, and was clearly upset about it. “Man I got some terrible news,” he wrote. “My album won’t be coming out tonight due to sample clearance issues. Right now, it’s unclear how long I’ll have to postpone it but my hope is no more than 2 weeks. I wanted to have a new date before I told you guys but it’s out of my control.” Even though he gave a reason for the postponement, fans thought it might be a fake excuse, like the one he used to get out of Logic’s tour. Joey added on Thursday that he would give more details about the new release date when he had them: “I’ll keep you guys updated obviously, I’m almost certain I’ll have a new date by Monday.”

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