Even if you don’t got a boo of your own, it’s got to warm your heart to see healthy relationships on our social media feeds (because there are so many online romances that aren’t). Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are celebrating six years of marriage, and the latter has gifted his partner with a classy, old-school Corvette to commemorate the occasion.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The R&B and alt-pop singer has been living large as of late, showing love to Janet Jackson when she appeared at a tour stop and recently directing a music video for Diddy, so this Corvette seems like icing on the cake. With the new gift, her pro basketball-playing husband also shared some words of appreciation and encouragement that’s quite the tear-jerker. He compares their relationship to maintaining a new car (real romantic, my guy), which makes the gift all the more meaningful.

“Men love the stories,” he began, “the headaches, and the delicacies you have to put into refurbishing an old school because once it’s done and back on the road you can truly appreciate the time and the times you have in it. It makes a statement to your inner self that no one could see this but you!”

“Years ago,” the former New York Knick continued, “I told you I wanted a family and you gave me that. I bent my knee to you and you accepted my headache and trauma. You’ve pumped my brakes and fixed me up every time I had bump or bruise.”

“So yes, I could’ve gotten you a brand new car…” he wrote, “but this car will symbolize a relationship that’s been through it all. The nostalgia of the Corvette you wanted is heard but I want you to dress this one up little by little like we’ve done in this 6 years and make sure this motherf**ker ride forever! I love you Mrs Shumpert. Year 6.”

The star couple don’t keep their affection to themselves, either. Apart from showing off on social media, Teyana recently revealed that she initiated a threesome with her man and someone else. Love’s in the air for these two, and we congratulate them on their anniversary with hopes that their careers keep thriving.