Imagine this—a user finds your YouTube video about how to fix a garbage disposal. From here, they may get what they need from your video and navigate away, or they may be a new homeowner who found your video helpful and wants more. If they find more useful home fixes and hacks, you may get a subscriber.

Now imagine if this homeowner finds some home improvement videos, some cat videos, and videos featuring photography tips, they probably won’t stick around. In short, if a user visits your channel and finds what they are looking for, they are more likely to subscribe and return for more later on, which means it pays to have a focus on your YouTube channel.

The key to lasting success on YouTube is having engaged users, returning users, and subscribers. While you may get a high volume of one-off views—and maybe even one viral video—long-term success (read: profitability) is highly dependent on your community. And one tried-and-true way to find your people is to keep your channel focused.

In other words: find your niche.

Finding a focused channel in DIY

Let’s take a look at an example. DIY videos are popular on YouTube, but the platform is very broad and saturated with DIYers producing videos. MyFroggyStuff took this popular category and focused specifically on DIYs for dolls.

Can’t my niche be my magnetic personality?

Personality definitely matters on YouTube, and it’s true that not every successful channel is focused. It is tempting to start a YouTube channel by posting a variety of videos and seeing what sticks, but when you’re new, you don’t have the subscriber numbers to demonstrate legitimacy either. Keep in mind that you can always branch out and expand as you grow, but speaking to a niche—at least at first—can really help you get off the ground running with YouTube.

1. Start With a Broad Category

To begin, identify the broad category that you plan to work within. Examples of popular categories include:

Music and Dance

If you’re not sure of the broad category, work backward by brainstorming ideas for specific videos you would love to make. Let’s say you know you could create a great video about working with vegan leather. This could potentially go on a fashion channel, a vegan channel, or an environmental channel. Keep brainstorming video ideas and then look for a common thread to come up with your YouTube channel idea.

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