Memphis rapper, GloRilla, recently took to Twitter to share some photos of herself as a kid posing with two different guns. Users were quick to pop off in the replies, sharing various memes about the photos. “I think I got da funniest teenage pictures on da internet,” GloRilla said alongside laughing emojis. One fan responded to the rapper, “Cuzzz who was ya sending a message too and putting Fear in?”

Earlier this month, another photo of the rapper holding a gun as a child went viral. The photo began to circulate amid Ja Morant getting suspended from the Memphis Grizzlies for flashing a gun on Instagram Live. A fan shared a meme featuring the photo of a young GloRilla, with the caption, “ja morant every month:” She responded to the meme, writing, “I was a menace in high school I’m so embarassed y’all.”

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GloRilla Says She “Was A Menace In High School”

I think I got da funniest teenage pictures on da internet

— GloRilla (@GloTheofficial) May 26, 2023

Some users didn’t appreciate the post, with one writing, “That’s not funny but ok.” Another told GloRilla, on a more serious note, “Glad you getting to see the world and experience other cultures.” The user continued, “I live in south Memphis for like 8 months and ran into women that never been outside of 240. It’s truly a culture shock to live in an area and experience different.” They added, “I loved the women there but it’s way to dangerous.” A different user told her, “you’re a victim.”

GloRilla also recently shared her take on marriage. Last week she wrote on Twitter, “So y’all believe in marriage in this generation?? I just couldn’t myself fw one n**ga for too long.” She continued, “N**gas start n**ga-ing after da first 6 months & baby Ima start n**ga-ing right along with a n**ga.” Last month she also called out Elon Musk for revoking her blue Twitter check. “Elon be acting slow ash sometimes…. cause were my blue check go???????” Users roasted her, with one writing, “No, you the slow one! Everyone been knew it was happening and it did.” They added, “Pay that 8 bucks a month.”

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— Braxton P. Hartnabrig (@you_caught_me) May 26, 2023

@GloTheofficial nah this hilarious

— Demii (@Demii5g) May 26, 2023

Gun taller than she was

— Dr. Willz PHD in Bootylogy (@PurpUchiha) May 26, 2023