Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Gayle King Faces Backlash For Asking Lisa Leslie About Kobe Bryant’s Rape Charge

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  1. Gayle (and Oprah) had an AGENDA. She was trying to use Lisa Leslie as a prop. She was on a mission like an attack dog trying to twist and frame every answer / question in a negative light to further her smear campaign against Kobe’s Legacy. They wanted to USE Lisa Leslie. That part was obvious. Gayle wasn’t getting the answers she wanted so she had to try and editorialize and re-frame the questions to try and get the desired outcome she wanted. They have an AGENDA AGAINST BLACK MEN. People are starting to notice it and finally speak out on it. Oprah and Gayle have been passionately defending their White Male colleagues who have been #MeToo’d. Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves etc

  2. She is lying…Trying to save face. Oh my company released a clip with that question. If you didn’t ask the question it wouldn’t be there. Lying ass.

  3. This is a perfect example of why the media totally sucks today Kobe never got convicted and these media scumbags. want to bring this up now after everything that has happened just so disgusting no class to a man who was a great father and BIG CONTRIBUTOR TO SOCIETY IN SO MANY WAYS THE MEDIA SUCKS OVERALL

  4. Do we not have a president of the United States, with over 17 female sexual harassment complaints. And we’re questioning, The Legacy Of a guy that was found guilty in the court of law. Moved on and did great things in life for the world of sports especially basketball beloved throughout the whole world never look back on his past. Just moved his self into the future But died in the present. With all the individuals on his helicopter much love respect and honor to all of them. Can’t judge them now God brought them all home Leave it alone. RIP to all of them!!!!


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