Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Garette of REVENGE Finally Tells The Real Story Behind The Brand

The first ever interview of founder and designer of Revenge. From coming up with XXX, through the ups and down of their relationship, Garette tells his story.

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  1. 0:57 Being influenced to be lowkey by working XXX
    2:13 The strategy behind posting very rarely and “separate myself from the brand”
    3:45 The beginning of the brand and Garette’s teenage years
    5:35 Started messing around with photoshop while hitting up people in the industry to make connections
    6:10 Garette explains how he stumbled upon XXX’ music randomly
    7:46 How the collaboration grew into something more solid
    8:50 Garette meeting XXX and Ski for the first time in LA
    10:50 How did the name Revenge come about
    12:12 Still working while XXX gets locked up “We sold the mugshot merch to get money for his legal fees”
    14:34 XXX and Garette being real friends and support each other
    15:12 XXX called Garette soon as he got out “Let’s go on tour”
    16:47 Stayed at his apartment in Miami for a little while, just working
    18:15 The Revenge Tour “I didn’t really like being on tour”
    19:18 “Where were you when he got knocked out on stage?” – I could tell that group of guys were up to no good….
    20:47 Ski Mask got jumped shortly after that incident
    22:16 Adam called X to let him know about Ski getting jumped
    24:20 The tour ended up early, what did Garette do after that?
    25:26 How did Garette know about Jocelyn
    27:12 Reference to the Garette Revenge song
    29:18 The reason behind Garette and X falling out
    30:42 X wanted to do some graphic with The Powerpuff Girls
    32:23 What preceded X’s tweet about not supporting Revenge? “I was going through some things, I just wish we could’ve handled it better…”
    35:36 “It’s hard to keep a positive mindset when you go through things”
    36:25 The aftermath of that tweet from X “We did reconnect before he passed though”
    38:18 The state of the brand without X
    39:22 Ski Mask being really supportive
    40:14 Juice Wrld being supportive as well
    41:14 X made a blueprint for so many artists
    41:43 Relationship with Juice Wrld + How he was in the studio
    43:15 Garette being inspired by the artist he works with
    45:08 Looking at / outdoing what other brands do
    46:57 Being stamped as an underground brand while losing two of the most influential rappers who were supporting the brand
    49:23 Drake and Bieber both have Revenge merch?
    50:04 The day X passed.. Garette gets really emotional
    52:57 Rethinking life after that dark period
    54:50 The future of the brand?
    55:40 Is Garette going to put his face out there more?
    57:07 Meeting and building with Chief Keef
    1:00:44 Dream collab with 50 Cent!

  2. R.I.P to every rapper.

    Off topic.. But y’all need to watch that lil Peep document on Netflix. Shyt real sad when any rapper that has such a huge influence in the game ends up passing away


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