Monday, May 29, 2023
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Flat Earth Believer Dies In California Rocket Crash

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  1. Im confused on what the plan was. Did he think the rocket was going 2 take him all the way 2 space?(they didn’t text it first) , even if it did, what was his plan to get back or get down? Smdh so many questions

  2. The absolute best thing I can say…well…at least he tried to see for himself…in an absolute disastrous and idiotic way.

  3. This is Sad. But if he wasnt so uneducated and looking for an equally Uneducated audience. Hed still be here. He wasnt a Scientist. He was a FOOL.

    So maybe this is a lesson for all those still stuck on Stupid. Thinking the Earth is flat and that ppl just MADE UP, the Sphere (Circle) shape, that Earth and ALL OTHER PLANETS, are Shaped in the form of.

    So by their LOGIC. When in space. If the Earth were flat That would mean Astronauts would have to see Earth, as looking like a FLAT piece of paper. And that makes NO DAMN SENSE whatsoever.

    If you cant answer “Yed”, to the question , “Does the moon and the sun look like pieces of paper up in the sky when I look at them ? ” Then you may need to board the Coo Coo Train..

    And anybody on the FlatEarther Coo Coo Train. Should be driven to either the nearest Asylum. Or. If not that Coo Coo , in the head. The nearest Pre-K Classroom. Where even 4 yr olds. Could tell them the damn Earth , IS NOT FLAT !!

  4. When I first heard of this guy I knew he was going to die in this exact same way, I mean I am no psychic it wasn’t a hard prediction


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