Monday, May 29, 2023
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Find Out What Dame Dash Had To Say On ‘Surviving R. Kelly Part 2’

Adriene Broner slides into Bhad Bhabie’s DMs (00:22)
Madonna on vacation with 25-year-old boyfriend (01:01)
Surviving R. Kelly Part 2, Envy declining being on the show (01:40)

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  1. I think it’s because people don’t realize she REALLY was 13 on Dr Phil which WAS only like 3yrs ago….. I know,, time been moving slow since Trump in office..🤷🏿‍♂️😂

  2. Happy New Year, _The Breakfast Club!_ Y’all are doing a fantastic job and I love y’all. I love yo’ haircut, Big Brother (DJ Envy). It’s pretty. How are folks supposed to know that “Bhad Bhabie” is 16? She carries herself as a grown woman and I highly doubt that the average Joe is up to date on her stats. Adrien Broner simply didn’t know. If he in fact did know then hey… That’s on him. Po’ girl. Her team has to pay all media and publications to feature her because no one’s interested. True meaning of _fake it till you make it._ _Surving R. Kelly Part 2…_ Here we go again. I have a lot of mixed feelings about that series. I’d like to go on record and say that I’ve never been the biggest fan. I have strong attachments to certain records, but other than that, I’ve never been the biggest fan. There was just something about him that prevented me from connecting to him like I’ve connected to Eric Benét, Brian McKnight and Maxwell. I fucks w/ a few of them Public Announcement _jawns._ I fucks w/ _12 Play_ (specifically the remixes of certain records) and a few _jawns_ from his 1995 album. After that, I quit buying his music. Not even because of Aaliyah. I just don’t have a spiritual connection to him. I connect to different artists on different levels. I’ll always hold Eric Benét and Brian McKnight over the rest of the r&b brothas because they’re the best singers. And, it’s on a consistent level. They didn’t fall off, vocally like K-Ci Hailey and Aaron Hall. Now, the only reason why they’re trashing R. Kelly is because the industry has no more use for him, musically. Back when his music was hot, he was smooth sailing and getting away w/ all types of things – from sabotaging other artists to being involved w/ young girls. He started hitting brick walls after his music fizzled out. The same thing happened to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. They tried to get Mariah Carey, but she persevered. Anyhow, Dame Dash needs to quit because *most of them* like 15/16/17 year olds. That’s just how they get down. At the age they are now, none of them are man enough to say _Yeah, I did that. I’m sorry._ They’re still lying, denying and carrying on. Jay-Z is another one. If I were Aaliyah, I would’ve just quit the industry. She didn’t stand a chance around Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Dame Dash. A lot of fishy things started happening when those three came around.

  3. We gotta point out how hypocritical and inconsistent the laws are

    You can be underage

    And have children


    And have sex

    Underage and drive a car

    Underage and get a job

    Not to mention
    You still can’t smoke weed in many places

    But you dan perfectly by alcohol and cigarerttes that are linked to shit that can kill

    And the contaminated food we have in this country that are linked to dangerous components that can kill you too

    But someone over the age of 18 can’t date a 16 year old?

    Mind you 16…not 6!!

    A 16 went through puberty and have periods and all types of shit

    But if you’re 18 and date a 16 you go to jail??

    Y’all ain’t never thought about that?

    It ain’t like you’re old enough to be their Damn parent

    Not saying its wrong or right

    But our laws are twisted and don’t make sense

  4. So Dame out here acting different like his big ass head wasn’t in the fiesta remix video with Jay & R.Kelly partying with liquor ain’t no tellin how many under aged girls were in that video

  5. Dame is busta for his lies he tell, he knew about the R.Kelly and aaliyah b4 and after them dating. He still hung around R.Kelly he a hypocrite and a Clown

  6. R Kelly a real G. He could be in jail snitching on everyone. U a fool if u don’t think he got dirt on everyone. Subscribe to my channel aswell


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