Monday, January 30, 2023
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Dave East on Where He Fits Into The “King Of New York” Conversation

Dave East talks about his respect for classic New York rappers, how he owes so much to NAS, working with him, yet, not wanting to be put in a box.



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  1. Thanks Mr. Dave east great answer to the king of new york talk….
    Now let’s get something straight far as a current and active recording artist that’s moving units creating new talent from the city that’s also hot and moving units. No one in new york doing point blank…. Jay z n Nas if out this topic…. No one has done that since 50… No one been the king of New york since 50cent bottom line…. So that king of New york topic shouldn’t even come up cause who’s out here actually doing what 50cent done?????? Moving millions of units putting his peers on from NyC that also dropped albums and moved units… So please stop this talk!!! Far as Prince of Ny it is hands down and clearly Aboogie… end of discussion!

  2. And let’s keep all these selfish Ny rappers n vets out of this King of New york talk… We have Fat joe/ from NYC Ceo of Terror Squad but no artist. WE Have Dblock finally has 2 recording artist that actually dope but because of the LOX lack of marketing skills don’t know how to present them. We have French Montana with Cokeboy’s no artist. We have Maino hustlehard no artist and who’s borderline blacked balled…We have fab with street family with no artist.. So this King of New york talk has to stop… No one from new york is doing any King shit.. These dudes are to selfish… We have the most wealthiest Mogals in the game from New york and is really not doing nothing for our City…. How Hov give meek from philly a lable deal before Fab from Brooklyn.. Meek didn’t even need the machine. Fab does could’ve gave fab distribution to pull talent up from New york…🤷‍♂️🤡

  3. Major labels don’t know how to handle street rappers. Instead of having him drop a cohesive concept album that was executive produced by Buda & Grandz they had him do that generic mid 2000s album model where there has to he a song for everybody: ladies, club, conscious, motivational, street, etc. Songs like Mama I Made It and Need a Sign don’t fit with Night Shift or Everyday. East isn’t an Atlanta nigga. His type of bangers are songs like ‘Powder’ from P2 or ‘Set It Off’


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