Friday, December 2, 2022
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Dame Dash Explains Recent Arrest, Colin Kaepernick, Impeachment & More

Dame Dash and Adam Show Episode #2

In this episode, Adam brought “back up” in the form of his two cohosts from The No Jumper Show, Kim and Lil House Phone, to talk with Dame Dash about what happened in New York, Trump, Bloomberg, and how the school system is not the best.



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  1. 1:51 Where does the Dame x Adam show stands? + Recap of the past episodes
    Dame asks if Adam has a check for him
    3:20 The art of arguing
    4:34 Dame Dash explains why he got arrested in New York
    8:12 How the media manipulated the headlines about Dame and how Dame flipped it on them
    9:48 Dame explains who tried to steal his movie and what happened during the deposition
    15:42 Ben Baller using the N Word
    16:52 Dave East on the cover of Pause
    17:25 Adam talks about forgetting to as an important question to BH on No Jumper
    17:58 Dame says Adam loves to spark certain topics to trigger guests
    18:42 Adam wants to know if Adam would bring up the same questions to white artists
    + Adam talks about his interview style
    20:12 Dame wishes that less nonsense would be promoted and asks Adam why he stirs the pot into real life situations and if he cares. Dame says Adam shouldn’t be named in no case regardless of how benign it is
    “What’s the point of all this if people get hurt?”
    26:10 Dame talk about Trump vs Bloomberg “I believe Bloomberg will win” yet Adam thinks otherwise
    27:48 Adam asks how progressive Bloomberg is
    29:40 Chelsea Grayson joins the panel breaks down how the impeachment works
    32:27 Dame says “The fate of the world is in white women hands right now, do the right thing!”
    33:45 Dame reiterates on the rules of the ‘Pause’ game “You can’t have an opinion on something I invented”
    35:10 Chelsea Grayson circles back to politics “Do you have faith in the system?”
    37:24 Dame Dash says “There would be no ‘metoo’ if it wasn’t for Trump, they couldn’t get him so they got other guys like Weinstein!”
    40:15 Chelsea Grayson circles back to Trump being impeached
    41:10 Dame Dash talks about meeting Trump
    42:33 Kaepernick and the whole work out fiasco
    Adam quotes TK Kirkland “It’s over for Kaepernick, he’s been F’d up by the NFL he played by the rules and still got kicked out”
    44:31 Dame Dash justifies why Kaepernick brought his own cam crew: “Stop trying to fit into people houses, we need to create our own league”
    46:28 What should Kaepernick do at this point? “We had to kneel to stand up”
    48:41 Dame says Independence is disruptive
    49:09 Kaepernick has no other option, Dane Dash suggests Kaepernick to play in Canada
    50:29 Rumor has it that Jay-Z was disappointed in Kaepernick “I don’t care about Jay and I don’t know the new Jay with dreads!”
    51:43 Dame Dash asks Chelsea Grayson to stop bringing up Jay’s name “It’s triggering”
    52:34 Conform in business + F the Grammies
    55:01 Dame says “I’m not in power now coz I’m building a super power
    55:54 Adam brings up Pete Buttigieg’s article + Breaks down the educational system
    58:45 Dame says “The school system was built by racists, I don’t need to learn latin to speak properly, I had a better car than the principal at 15, why would i listen to him?”
    1:00:17 Dame says “I wasted my time in school, I’m not using anything that I’ve learned”
    1:01:37 School is corny
    1:02:06 Adam wants to know Dame’s hustle and how he got a car at 15
    1:03:31 Cam Girl and the school system + Going to school before you know who you are
    1:04:38 Dame gives serious game and breaks down the benefits of being your own boss early
    1:06:00 Housephone talks about his upbringing
    1:06:47 Cam Girl makes excuses about she didn’t start doing her thing earlier in life
    1:07:07 Dame says “The excuses you gave don’t make sense” + The world is control by fear, fear is the dream killer!
    1:08:00 Chelsea talks about her upbringing + Being fear of being broke
    1:10:07 Adam talks about his beginnings + And how to finesse the corporate world
    1:12:16 Using corporate the right way
    1:13:12 Dame says “American idols judges and other similar shows, are nobodies, they have no swag! Same for label heads, they only have power within the walks they work at!”+ BET ain’t black
    1:14:27 Adam talks about Netflix’ Rhythm & Flow
    1:15:56 Dame realizes how much Adam loves hip hop because he watches every content there is
    1:16:23 Adam wants to rap, he has a song out somewhere…

  2. Lol these people actually act as if they’re some sort of authority on politics; its always the same tactics smeared on different media platforms. Almost as if they’re trying to instill a political mentality for people to blindly follow, instead of telling people to go out and do your own research, reach your own conclusions, get a load of whats really happening in America. The narrative “the president is bad and must be taken out” is useless and baseless and has been *magically* pushed through out all mediums systematically and methodically without any foundation that back up its claims;, truly eye opening. Also real funny seeing that Jewish woman acting as if she’s white and calling out white privilege: 😂😹

  3. Dame acts like everybody wants to be him. If everybody was him, we wouldn’t have doctors, teachers, and we would all die from illnesses cause nobody learned how to cure it. Certain jobs we need kids of the future to learn in school otherwise society would be doomed. How does nobody bring that up? Imagine we had no surgeons? We would just suffer in our bed till we die, if we stopped having schooling.

  4. Crazy..Just saw that ChOke NO Joke video of Dame and that dumb white culture vulture lady messing UP that Billion Dollar TV Deal with them UK african business Men. Nigga really messed up and is suCh a Cornball , he really is how Joke been portraying his ass.


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