Corey Taylor has revealed what his favourite Metallica song is during a question and answer session with fans.

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The Slipknot frontman was appearing at the Mad Monster Party convention between February 18-20 and in a 45 minute Q&A with fans, he said his favourite Metallica track was from their 1986 album, ‘Master Of Puppets’.

Without hesitation, Taylor said his favourite song from that was ‘Disposable Heroes’.

He said: “That song…you guys have got to remember, when that album came out [in 1986], I was young and I walked to buy the tape at the local Sam Goodie, which…is a fucking record store and a longer story than I want to get into.

“So I walked to the local mall to buy the tape at Sam Goodie. I had my fucking Walkman with me and I listened to it all the way…side one is a fucking clinic – such a clinic. Classic. So rad.”

He continued: “I flipped the tape and that first song is fucking ‘Disposable Heroes’ and all of a sudden I just had my head ripped off.

“I was just like, ‘This is the greatest fucking song.’ That riff is so stupid rad. I can’t even fucking explain it. The song just kept building and building and building… yeah, to this day it’s my favorite fucking Metallica song. It’s so rad.”

Meanwhile, Ho99o9 have announced details of a new album, produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and featuring Taylor.

‘SKIN’ will be released on March 11 via Barker’s DTA Records and was being previewed by its opening track ‘NUGE SNIGHT’, which was released last month.

Since releasing their debut album ‘United States Of Horror’ in 2017, Ho99o9 have shared multiple mixtapes – including 2020’s ‘Blurr’ – EPs and singles. In July 2020, they put out the track ‘Pigs Want Me Dead’, which they called “a stark reaction to the horrors and everyday effects of police brutality against the black community”.

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