For the past few weeks, Chrisean Rock has been a trending topic. Her affiliation with rapper, Blueface, along with her appearance on a new reality television show has garnered her a lot of media attention. Because of this, many people know her for her vulgar behavior and fighting abilities. But, there is something else that helps her stand out more than most– her missing tooth.

Despite getting her front tooth knocked out in a brawl on the Onlyfans show, “Blue Girls Club,” Rock has still been all smiles. From being posted on social media to being seen out by fans, the 22-year-old’s confidence has remained the same regardless of her physical appearance. However, it looks like she’s ready to get back to her old self– which means getting her grill fixed.

Yesterday (June 17), Rock hinted at her missing tooth being repaired. In an Instagram story post, she uploaded herself sitting in a room with dentist equipment. A woman, who goes by the name Sky, accompanied her in the video. Rock chuckled and asked her, “Sky, what we doing?” to which the woman responded, “You know we love teeth.”

Rock then zoomed in on the woman’s mouth, which was full of pearly whites, and said, “I’m scared. They’re about to look like that?” Sky replied, “Oh yeah, these are all me.”

This isn’t the first time she’s stated that she wanted to adjust her smile. Back in March, she posted a picture of her before the brawl and wrote, “I’m [going to] make [an] appointment for my tooth.”