Latto is the latest Rap star to have her own Apple Music 1 show, and she invited Chlöe for a casual chat. The ladies have been tearing up the charts as hitmaking solo artists, so it was fitting that they caught up about all things music, romance, and gossip. Latto knows all too well what it’s like to answer questions about rumored romances, but she turned the tables when she questioned Chlöe. “The tea was that you was talking to Quavo,” said Latto while on 777 Radio. Chlöe mentioned that they worked on a movie together. Latto replied that the streets weren’t talking about business but pleasure.

This is where viewers believed the ladies were fanning the flames of the gossip. Chlöe and Latto joked about the rumor, but the “Have Mercy” star had yet to deny its truth explicitly. They moved on from the quips, and Chlöe deemed the Migos rapper a “really nice guy.” The ladies also expressed admiration of Quavo’s locs, but that seemed to be where the conversation about a purported relationship ended.

Chlöe & Quavo Are Co-Stars

The clip of the exchange was shared by The Neighborhood Talk, and while it was noted that Chlöe denied the rumors, it wasn’t entirely true. She and Latto joked about it, but there weren’t hard, staunch denials that fans were looking for. Meanwhile, the gossip began after Quavo and Chlöe posted separate images enjoying a beachside vacation. The internet quickly pieced the pictures together and accused the pair of carrying on a secret romance.

However, the duo star in Praise This, an upcoming film also featuring Druski and Tristan “Mack” Wilds. The church youth choir-centered musical movie is slated for arrival in just a few weeks. It comes on the heels of Swarm, Donald Glover’s captivating series on Prime Video. Chlöe stars as the sister to main character Dre, excellently portrayed by Dominique Fishback. Her sex scene with Damson Idris became the talk of social media, but the cast swiftly reacted. They made it clear that it was a work of art for the series and should be treated as such. Still, a naked Chlöe caught everyone’s attention. Check out her exchange with Latto above.