Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Casey Neistat on His New Life in LA, Changes at Youtube & More

Legendary Casey Neistat finally made his way to the No Jumper podcast to talk about his business moves, work ethic, fatherhood, vlogging, and more!



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  1. 0:17 – Casey Neistat meeting Adam minutes before the interview
    1:16 – Casey’s rule for employees and girlfriends
    2:19 – Casey’s first jobs
    2:54 – Casey Neistat making his kids work “shitty” jobs
    4:06 – Being envious of rich kids but now feeling sympathy for them
    5:21 – New York is the great equalizer and in LA its easier to isolate yourself
    7:26 – Is Caseys fame more oppressive in LA or New York
    8:44 – Young celebrities having no time to be regular people and not learning how to deal with life
    11:50 – No one wants to tell you “No” when your successful or rich
    14:10 – Youtube making new changes and taking down an IDubbz video
    14:59 – Negative content seeming to do the best on the internet, and there being a thin line between freedom of speech and offensive content on YouTube
    20:30 – Casey on meeting KSI and KSI being the better fighter in the Logan Paul vs KSI fight
    22:57 – Casey’s last street fight – “Someone yelled Worldstar”
    26:25 – Adams Dad making Adam beat up some kid who stole from him
    27:28 – Casey Neistat on fighting being a part of the day to day culture when he was in high school
    28:55 – Adam got into watching youtube as a “hate watcher”
    29:38 – Casey Neistat’s reasons for starting a daily vlog
    32:26 – What is Caseys relationship with content production now & running out of ideas when daily vlogging
    35:14 – Everyone’s urge to share their experiences and Casey going out of his way to stay off social media and his phone
    37:14 – Is there something noble about putting work over everything and self sacrificing for your business
    39:07 – “Drowning in opportunity”
    42:13 – Casey feeling indebted to his Youtube audience and not wanting to let them down
    43:00 – Huge difference in podcasts now compared to when Adam22 started
    43:49 – Knowing what will do well or go “Viral” on YouTube
    45:39 – Casey Neistat finding out who David Dobrik is
    47:10 – Casey having experience in the TV and Movie Production business for getting into YouTube
    48:45 – Adam not understanding David Dobrik’s clip selection for his vlogs
    49:50 – Adams viral Acid Trip video involving an epiphany about Casey Neistat
    51:22 – Casey Neistat inspired to make the “truest form of reality TV” after watching The Kardashians
    53:00 – Casey hearing a kids reasons for being a fan of Fousey Tube
    54:40 – Casey Neistat meeting his Wife for the first time
    55:09 – Casey growing up in an “uptight” family
    55:50 – Feeling insecure about not being relatable anymore
    56:59 – Casey Neistat on running away from home and struggling to make ends meet
    58:25 – The ability to ramble and talk endlessly about something being a real skill on Youtube
    59:50 – The more you know the harder it is to be funny and relatable
    1:01:14 – Adam watching a puzzle solving YouTube channel
    1:02:58 – Casey Neistat on Jake Ropers new show
    1:04:00 – Youtube themselves not understanding their own community
    1:05:57 – Adam and Casey being huge JoJo Siwa Fans
    1:08:33 – Adams nickname “Casey Nice Tats” and his Nickname for Roman Atwood
    1:09:40 – Caseys opinion on “Vitaly Uncensored”
    1:11:57 – Caseys opinion on storyfire
    1:13:31 – What is Caseys motivation at this point in his life
    1:15:30 – Casey Neistat idolizing Spike Jones Career
    1:19:48 – David Dobrik being an evolution of Casey Neistats daily vlogs
    1:21:57 – Casey Neistat still editing his own videos
    1:24:33 – Philip Defranco’s filming and uploading process


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