Between the two of them, Billie Eilish and Finneas have worn many hats: solo artist, producer, and now … boy band? The songwriting sister-brother duo penned “Nobody Like U,” a feel-good track released Friday (Feb. 25) on YouTube, to be sung by the fictitious boy band 4*Town in Pixar’s upcoming animated film Turning Red.

Finneas will also lend his voice to the project, acting and singing as one of the five band members alongside Jordan Fisher, Grayson Villanueva, Josh Levi and Topher Ngo. According to People, the group will sing three songs throughout the movie, all written by Eilish and Finneas. Also in 4*Town’s fictional discography are tracks titled “1 True Love” and “U Know What’s Up.”

Pixar’s newest film tells the story of Mei Lee, played by Rosalie Chiang, and her journey of self-acceptance set into motion after she discovers she spontaneously and uncontrollably morphs into an enormous red panda when she gets emotional. Mei battles internal conflict as well as conflict with her mother, voiced by Sandra Oh.

That’s where the boy band comes in: “We needed our character Mei to be obsessed with something that her mom would not approve of,” said Turning Red director Domee Shi to Variety. “Boy bands were the first step into the world of boys for a lot of girls that age. The guys were all super pretty, polished, soft and loving, and they had of a way of bringing girls and their besties together. Plus, I thought it’d be really cool to create an animated boy band.”

Turning Red premieres March 11 on Disney+.

Check out Eilish and Finneas’ entry into the ranks of Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and One Direction below: