There’s no doubt that Quavo would be a big get for a barber. The rapper is a member of the enormously successful trio Migos. He challenges Drake to basketball matches and hangs out with John Travolta.

A barber showed just how far he would go to get Quavo as a client. In a video posted to TikTok, the barber kicked his client out of his chair mid-cut when Quavo entered the establishment.

“You gotta go, man. You gotta go,” the barber told his client when he saw Quavo walking in. The customer took it well, laughing along as he stood up. The video had the text asking the question, “What would you do if QUAVO Huncho walked into your barbershop?” Apparently, this barber would give his current client the boot. As the poor guy got up, the text on the video read, “Get yo ass up Lance, n do that dance.”

Quavo’s been making a lot of moves as of late. Twitter was abuzz when Offset unfollowed bandmates Takeoff and Quavo, sparking rumors that Migos would be breaking up. Quavo swerved any questions about the potential end of the trio. Meanwhile, he and Takeoff seem to only be growing closer. The two released the single “Hotel Lobby,” a banger which landed on our Fire Emoji playlist. Then, he and Takeoff recreated a childhood photo, which Quavo shared with his 21 million followers. He captioned the picture, “When I Say Twin Yea That Be My Brotha We Got The Same Rollie He Matching Me Nah Fr!”

Hopefully Quavo got a good trim and the other client found someone else to finish his cut.