Monday, January 30, 2023
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Adam22 Reacts to Hate from Re Uploading Juice WRLD Interview

Adam22 address the hate comments on the recent No Jumper Juice WRLD video(s) posted on the channel! While he’s paying homage to a friend, other media outlets and people posting disrespectful videos and articles.
And in the eve of Rolling Loud where Juice WRLD was scheduled to headline, the hosts wonder how the festival will go this weekend..



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  1. You acted like you didn’t know what happened when your man Chris Long was right there when Juice died. Ol “ details are starting to emerge” ass

  2. It does make sense. You know people will be looking for him on YouTube so you reupload his interview to take advantage of this.

  3. all these haters can suck a dick, yall just mourning and are tryna shine the light on his life bruh. Its obvious, he passed now everyone is showing remorse and trying to learn more about his career. So wtf is everyone being so sensitive about? Especially “fans” talking shit like shut the fuck up. Yall arent fans if yall are giving adam and no jumper shit for this reuploading

  4. I mean, you could have just linked to the original video instead of posting several vids.. But its cool. Your channel my dude.

  5. To be honest, I don’t get the hate at all. People want the content right now as they want to rewatch old juice stuff. I appreciate the reupload in smaller chunks so it’s more digestible while busy too.

  6. Honestly I’ve been a huge fan of u for a couple years now and I really love you but I don’t think this is right. Yes, pay your respects and talk abt it in a heartfelt video but what’s not right is monetizing them and getting money off of it. You’ve uploaded at least 4 videos w his name in the title. Which means u get shown when u search his name. And then u get clout.

  7. Was a big fan, (that’s not a pre teen, like the majority of you’re fans) but this is fucking low Adam. Especially with doing paid promotions on a live stream titled rip juice wrld. Y’all leaped at the chance to monopolise his death. And lost something much greater than views. Which is respect. If you want any longevity. Think more legacy than a one time click farm.


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