Monday, May 29, 2023
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40 Glocc Speaks on The Game Lawsuit, Wack100 Beef, Nipsey & More!

40 Glocc makes an appearance on The No Jumper podcast to keep us up to date on all the things he’s been involved with the past few years. Wether it’s old beef with Game, or relationship with Wack100, Tyga, Plies, Interscope, G-Unit, Glocc tells all!



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  1. 0:13 – Introduction
    0:37 – 40 Glocc’s younger days
    2:07 – Not having a mother or father figure
    3:15 – Not being able to go to school because he’d get arrested
    4:15 – Growing up in San Bernardino
    4:42 – Life in San Bernardino
    6:26 – Always wanting to be a rapper or an actor
    6:42 – Pursuing a dream without any resources
    8:03 – How did 40 Glocc achieve his level of success
    11:22 – Seeing a lot of people come from nothing and then become extremely successful
    12:20 – Helping John Singleton create the movie “Baby Boy” and not receiving any credit
    15:43 – Seeing the bad people in the world do better than the good people
    17:15 – Battle Cat looking out for 40 Glocc and cutting him a check
    18:05 – Being arrested for having a shootout with the cops and beating the case
    23:36 – What led up to the situation with the cops
    24:50 – Being fucked by the system and being forced to take a deal for human trafficking
    27:42 – What led up to the human trafficking situation
    32:22 – Being setup by the cops with false charges
    35:35 – More likely to be charged with false charges in small towns
    36:38 – Having a long rap sheet
    37:00 – Did 40 Glocc really get 700k from The Game
    38:14 – Meeting The Game when he was just a security guard
    43:53 – How does 40 Glocc feel about Wack 100 managing Blueface
    47:10 – Still looking to get revenge on everyone who jumped him and not letting anything slide
    48:33 – Choosing to go forward with the Civil lawsuit on The Game
    50:08 – If The Game didn’t post the fight on social media there would have been no lawsuit
    50:33 – Being jumped at the LA sports arena by Compton Menace
    54:00 – What does 40 Glocc think about The Game’s other civil suit involving a girl
    55:45 – How did the whole jumping situation transpire
    57:30 – Running away from a loaded gun and falling down a hill
    1:00:35 – What would have happened if 40 Glocc was killed that day
    1:01:35 – 40 Glocc being shot on camera at a funeral
    1:02:46 – Did 40 Glocc feel like anything was going to happen at the funeral when he was going there?
    1:03:10 – How did the shooting situation at the funeral happen?
    1:06:50 – No one being charged for the shooting at the funeral
    1:07:13 – The Police visiting 40 Glocc in the hospital and threatening to arrest him for any retaliation
    1:09:42 – How does 40 Glocc feel about Nipsey’s passing, how LA handled his passing and how close was he to him?
    1:11:09 – Does 40 Glocc consider Nipsey Hussle a legend
    1:12:18 – Thinking about what the conversation would be if 40 Glocc died
    1:14:10 – What does 40 Glocc think about gang banging now
    1:16:26 – 40 Glocc having many untold stories
    1:19:41 – 40 Glocc having an extensive history in hip hop and how did he clique up with Mobb Deep
    1:22:58 – Was Mobb Deep on G-Unit more Jimmy Iovine’s idea than 50 Cent’s idea?
    1:27:03 – How close was 40 Glocc with Prodigy
    1:28:38 – Was it obvious that Prodigy was going to pass from his health
    1:29:30 – Prodigy needing to take morphine when he was in pain
    1:30:33 – What happened with the situation when Tyga was robbed
    1:35:48 – What is 40 Glocc up to these days
    1:37:00 – How is the relationship with Plies right now and Jamie Fox exposing the situation
    1:38:35 – Did Plies really lock himself in a bathroom
    1:40:10 – 40 Glocc soon to go to prison
    1:43:25 – 40 Glocc once being found with a gun in jail
    1:47:28 – 40 Glocc opinion on Cameron saying that Suge Knight unsuccessfully pressing Cameron

  2. Damnn. Game and Wack have a lot dummy accounts in here trolling lol.

    Anyone with half clue could tell that Video was edited. And 30 and 40 year olds recording a fight is police 💩.

    I seen Fat joe beat up and well known DJ and his crew… and he never recorded or said a word about it.


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