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You Can Order Real Life ‘Licorice Pizza’ From Postmates for a Limited Time

To celebrate the digital release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2021 film Licorice Pizza, MGM is teaming up with Postmates to release a limited edition, gourmet spicy pepperoni pizza in New York and Los Angeles.

From March 2 through March 6, Postmates users can order a “Licorice Pizza” that includes an exclusive code from Apple TV, which gives you access to watch the film as many times as you want. Additionally, the first orders will receive one of the film’s limited edition vinyl soundtrack, while supplies last. The special pies will be priced at $19.73, which is the year the film takes place.

Order your own “Licorice Pizza” exclusively on Postmates here.

Licorice Pizza, which stars Alana Haim as Alana Kane and Cooper Hoffman as Gary Valentine, is a coming-of-age film that follows the duo as they grow up, have adventures and ultimately fall in love in California’s San Fernando Valley in the 1970s.

“I honestly thought I was going to get fired every day because I had no idea what I was doing,” Haim told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in December of her acting debut. Instead, she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role.

Haim’s role was written specifically for her by Anderson, and she also revealed that she had to go to “truck school” for a scene in which she drives Bradley Cooper around in a 1970s manual transmission moving van.

“I’m a terrible driver, and I didn’t tell anybody that I was a bad driver. And then it came the day that I had to, you know, do it, I had to drive this truck and I had Bradley Cooper… America’s sweetheart and [co-star and fellow first-time actor] Cooper Hoffman,” she joked to Fallon.



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