Yeat has been continuously elevating his career and generating excitement among fans. Now, he has teamed up with Young Thug to amplify the excitement. Last month, the California-born rapper shared a preview of some new music. In an Instagram Live session, Yeat played bits of several new songs, including a fresh track featuring Young Thug. Previously, the pair collaborated on the song “Outsidë” from Yeat’s 2022 album, 2 Alivë. In the teaser, both rappers delivered their verses over a backdrop of synth pads, snares, bass, and trippy ambiance. The release date for the track remained uncertain for quite some time, but fans were eagerly anticipating their reunion.

Unfortunately, any new Young Thug feature is overshadowed by the current negativity in his life. The YSL leader, along with 13 other defendants, is facing substantial RICO charges. The case has garnered significant attention and media coverage for almost a year. In courtroom footage last month, the rapper seemed to display a positive attitude and determination. At the time, fans had hoped that things might not be as dire as they seem. Sadly, since then, Young Thug has had several significant health scares that ended with hospitalization. Everything seems to be stable for the moment, luckily. At least fans now have something to listen to in the meantime.

Yeat And Young Thug Are Showing Off On New Collab

Yeat and Young Thug have released a flashy new collaboration, “My Wrist.” In their synthy, almost lo-fi hip-hop song, the two artists flaunt their wealth. They showcase their opulent lifestyle through extravagant watches and jewelry, hence the track’s name. Although Yeat is generally more reserved and keeps to himself, the undeniable chemistry between him and Thug shines through on this boastful track. During the chorus, they invite listeners to admire their wrists, which are presumably adorned with luxurious accessories.

“Hand me my bag, she wanna hold the Hannah Montana,” Young Thug raps. “Only no tag, they wonder where Miley’s at.” The song is all about opulence as both Yeat and Young Thug brag about cars, money, and women. It’s definitely summer banger material. What do you think of the new collab? Let us know in the comments!

Quotable Lyrics:

Look at my wrist, look at my fist, look at my b*tch
Look at my whips, lickin’ her lips, matchin’ my drip
Shawty can tell I been gettin’ cash by the tips, hey
Look at my Rolls, look at the rims, and they on slicks