Monday, January 30, 2023
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X-Raided on If He Considers Himself A Victim

X-Raided breaks down how growing up with limited opportunities could lead to unfortunate decisions as a young man. He also talks about gentrification, how going to jail changed him, how he started rapping to pander to his homies, then flipped it after being properly guided while in jail to write lyrics worth being listened to. Plus, Wendy Day being instrumental in his transformation as an artist.



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  1. Real Talk, I never heard any of the brotha music. But I know his name thru reading the Rap pages back in the 90’s. And I think with the right platform he could really get thru to the youth with his story alone. I am impressed with his talk game and the fact that he made it 28 years in prison with out being killed or coming out institutionalized. Welcome home and Top Shotta Respect from 321 Florida.😎😎😎

  2. X-Raided Locc the real OG GBC. Very intelligent person. Grew up listening to him. Shame he got so long in jail. Glad he’s out now and free to remaster and make more music 💪🏽

  3. So he made some shitty decisions and he blames it on some boogy man. Blame it on the left the right the masons the illuminati Or god or whatever the fuck youre still wrong and until you leave that mindset you wont be shit.
    In 2019 what does the powers that be have to gain by our culture fucking eachother up and being strung out on drugs? It makes their leadership look bad, they cant profit off our taxes if were dead, it tanks property values, and now that prisons are privately owned they dont even profit on them like they used to.
    Man believes in conspiracy theories and religions because they are too scared to admit to themselves that we are all alone on this shit ball flying through space and no one is truly in charge and when you die that’s fucking it.
    Our culture is so fucked…

  4. Yo homeboy here man speaks very well you’re at your very easy or very good at speaking bra like you get you got that s*** down me you don’t sound like a clown or not do you get you get your good dude stay in my book

  5. I wonder if he knows that Democrats implemented those circumstances he went through. He had the ‘breakdown of the family’ on point, with intro. Of government assistance and welfare into minority communities it really broke families and brought up everything hes talking about.


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