Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Wolftyla on Coming up on Vine, Meg & Juicy J situation, TikTok & More

Wolftyla has been giving candies since Christmas and started off 2020 in great form! The New York writer and singer is making moves in the west coast, finishing her new project and being part of the creative sessions of other artists songs. Tyla shares her latest updates with Adam!

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  1. 0:23 What was Wolftyla’s upbringing
    1:14 Growing up in New York + Trying out Vine in Highschool
    1:55 Vine coming out with a repost button having a dramatic change for Wolftyla
    2:22 Original Vine content
    2:57 Wolftyla starting a Tik Tok
    3:57 Does Wolftyla feel too old for Tik Tok
    4:59 The entertainment industry boxing women in
    7:44 How did Wolftyla find her sound + slowly transitioning to KPop
    10:19 Wolftyla writing for other people + The taboo topic of ghostwriting
    14:53 The Megan and Juicy J and Wolftyla writing session situation
    17:20 How did Wolftyla realize Megan was on the song?
    19:23 How did it escalade to Megan being offended?
    21:24 Wolftyla not knowing better and learning from this unfortunate situation
    23:05 Wolftyla being less famous so the public opinion blamed her in this situation
    24:59 “I hated that I had to bring the receipts”
    25:41 A day in the life of Wolftyla
    29:24 Is Wolftyla signed? + Label talk
    33:24 Wolftyla talks about her fans
    36:24 Where the name Wolftyla comes from
    38:22 New EP coming up with a music video for each single

  2. That was complete cap when she said she “isn’t mad” about the Megan and Juicy J thing. She literally kept tweeting about how angry she was about the situation, I saw the tweets myself 😂

  3. Clearly Tyla didn’t ask Juicy J and his team enough questions of what would become of her contribution to this song. You always need to ask questions and thoroughly read the paperwork before you sign anything, cause this is how they beat around the bush and leave you with nothing and no recognition for your part.

  4. Bruh, Adam, why u keep giving talentless thots exposure? I have to admit this one’s actually got a decent personality and doesn’t talk like a retard but u really got to stop giving interviews to every female that does a threesome wit u and Lena.


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