Friday, January 27, 2023
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Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke And More Speak Out About Recent Mass Shootings

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  1. my mom is military, she should have an assault weapon.I do not have one in my home because it’s excessive. People walking down the street should not have access to 45 + rounds of anything. We have people getting guns like they’ll building an arsenal and no one is stopping them

  2. “We have done much more than any other administration……” LIKE FUCKING WHAT? Rest In Peace to all of the precious lives lost 😪 for no reason. I’m scared to leave my house at this point….

  3. When she said hateful people feel protected… does she mean the nutty liberal extremist groups attacking conservatives on campuses, in restaurants, and on the street? I’m confused. Also, were the 38 mass shootings under Obama his fault? Ummm. No, they were the shooters fault simply put. Also, how can you say its Trumps fault when one of these shooters explicitly supported Warren? And hated Donald Trump?

  4. Envy is kind of right though a lot of people feel that way now. You hear about it, you’re not surprised by it or even who did it, and only wonder ‘where this time?’. There’s even a wikipedia page of Mass Shootings in the USA in 2019.

  5. Why does Elizabeth Warren thinks she is INNOCENT from this , when her Whole Party is GUILTY of Spewing Hate ! Her Party Has Had Black Lives Matters ! Now they have Antifa ! They Have Fake News who is another Medium of Hate ! DemoRats are like Hornets protecting their Nest ! and Trump is Terminix ! It was a Warren Supporter who KILLED in Ohio ! and he was Sdored by Antifa ! For 3 years it has Been Trump is this and Trump is that ! Beto he doesn’t know Anything , so he’s just a Minah Bird who just IMMITATES the supposed Adults ! But you know What ? The DemoRats are just wasting their time ! I vote on Results NOT Name calling ! And as far as I’m concerned Trump is WAY ahead of these SPOILED BRAT CHILDREN !


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