Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Thundercat Draws Zack Fox

Zack Fox and Thundercat are true pals with a penchant for cracking wise. The two are known for their cripplingly funny back-and-forth Twitter antics, and recently touring together seems to have fully blasted their otherworldly comedic chemistry into a new galaxy.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we got up with the two for a chill drawing sesh, in which the duo flexed their artistic chops, and flamed themselves and the world as we know it into oblivion. Of the final portraits, Fox said, β€œI think both of these are fantastic pieces of art.” See the interview for yourself above.

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Director: Scott Perry
Editor: Sam Balaban
Graphics: Madison Buillard
Director of Photography: Scott Perry
2nd Camera: Andrew Sales
Producer: Frances Capell
Production Company: The FADER



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