In an Instagram post on Wednesday, The Weeknd revealed his plans to release new music in conjunction with each episode of HBO’s The Idol. Alongside a photo from the show, he announced that he would be kicking off this initiative this week. He did so by dropping Jocelyn’s pop song titled “World Class Sinner” and the theme score called “The Lure.” Jocelyn, for those who have not watched the show, is Lily Rose-Depp’s character. She is a pop star on the rise who is readying a new single for release in the first episode. In an Instagram post, The Weeknd shared his excitement for fans to hear the soundtrack.

“I was planning on dropping the whole soundtrack for idol by the finale, but I’m too hyped…” Abel said in his Instagram post. “Instead, I wanna drop new music from the show every week with each episode. I’m excited for you guys to hear what we’ve been cooking and all these new incredible artists that are a part of this show… this week… Jocelyn’s pop song ‘world class sinner’ and ‘the lure’ (theme score)… episode 2 this Sunday.” So, it looks like the songs from the previous week’s episode may be dropping the week after they air. That means that we can likely expect whichever songs are in this week’s episode to drop next Friday. For the time being, however, fans can enjoy the show’s first two offerings.

The Weeknd And Lily Rose-Depp Are Word Class Sinners

The first two songs that The Weeknd dropped from The Idol may not please his fans. However, that is not because they are bad – they are just not extremely focused on The Weeknd as an artist. “The Lure,” a dreamy score for the opening of the show, does feature some of Abel’s vocals near the end. “World Class Sinner,” on the other hand, is almost entirely Lily Rose-Depp. She sings about how open-minded she is, sexually speaking. “You can pull my hair, touch me anywhere,” she coos on the chorus.

While the music may be good, many fans complained about the explicit nature of the show. Some had some very strong insults for the first episode. However, The Weeknd contends that people just don’t understand it. In fact, he compared it to the response when he first released music. “When I first started making music, it was the exact same thing,” Abel said. “It was provocative, and I knew it was going to be tough for people. And a lot of people didn’t like it. Not to compare it, but I feel that this is kind of like that again. This is not going to be for everybody, and that’s fine. We’re not politicians.” What do you think of the new tracks? Sound off in the comments below to let us know!

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Cause I know that you
Don’t really know how to handle it
So get down on your knees and
Get ready to become my b*tch

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