Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The TK Kirkland Interview

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TK Kirkland came by the No Jumper podcast, for an in-depth conversation full of gems, advice and wisdom. He shares how to stay healthy after 50 years old, how the youth shouldn’t sleep around but only date people who handle themselves the right way. He also talk about Jay Z, Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Pharrell, Charlamagne and Gucci Mane and so much more!



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  1. Shout out to Raycon for sponsoring the video! Go to to get an amazing Black Friday deal on Raycons!
    00:16 TK asks if Adam is Spanish, black, or white
    01:48 TK tells Adam how to still look good at 50+ years old
    03:05 Being the best version of yourself!
    3:45 The goal is to live a long healthy life
    4:51 Air Pods Ad
    6:17 Drinking and partying while you’re young vs now + TK makes sure he rests while promoting his #1 show across the country + not having sex on tour anymore
    8:38 TK “There’s a whole new group of College girls graduating in June” + The power of sex “You have to earn it”+ Talk about chivalry and not dating young women
    11:28 TK teaches how to control the climate of the room
    13:05 TK suggest that young men should talk to a woman long enough to know her + Only dating women who handle themselves the right way + Lena being super humble
    17:03 TK from Rikers Island for 30 days to going on tour + not sharing his accomplishments + Red Fox Award, charity for Michigan
    19:34 Podcasts/content is the new currency to bigger things
    21:00 Booking Jay-Z for $1500 for TK’s bday + TK witnessed Jay and Dame partying too much and missing flights and opportunities
    + How TK being late led to DL Hughley getting his first break
    22:21 The importance of being time and carrying yourself respectably
    23:10 TK is upset about Pharrell wearing a dress on a magazine cover+ why treating mean like heroes for wearing a dress
    24:37 TK talks about Cam Newton’s fashion sense
    25:30 Career driven women and neglecting their health
    27:24 Jordan Peterson’s philosophy of cleaning your life before going out to the world
    29:07 TK suggests that young men shouldn’t even date women if they don’t qualify or have money
    30:22 Adams talks to the youth and tell them what they should worry about + women being impressed by accomplishments
    31:31 TK not bragging about what he does to impress a girl
    33:13 TK’s relationship status and work life “there’s level to dating” + Being too busy to date
    34:55 TK had 3 different one night stands, all 3 got pregnant that night + possibly having a vasectomy
    35:34 TK breaks down what happens when you have several baby Moms + TK’s upcoming book on the subject called ‘ONE’
    38:52 Being a parent, protecting your kids from tough life moments and raising someone else’s kid
    41:41 Raising kids and making sure they avoid the negative path we could have had
    42:31 The key to keep a kid busy is to sign them up to several activities and have them influenced by their friends in a good way
    43:46 Some girls are raised to use their beauty to advance in life, TK suggests that they protect their virtue, the same way guys shouldn’t sleep around
    45:18 Girls are feeling themselves way younger than previous generations + You have to have morals to avoid going the wrong path
    46:14 TK talks religion, pastors and Churches + people orientation is designed not a choice
    47:25 TK explains why being gay is a choice
    48:51 TK recalls sleeping with 5 women (5 doctors) in one evening, 2 got pregnant
    49:46 TK breaks down the difference between black men / white men pulling out and white women / black women on the receiving end + women taking care of themselves
    51:51 Charlamagne being TK podcast producer + Adam asks TK if The Breakfast Club still get along and Charlamagne being the leader
    53:58 Kaepernick and NFL, TK says “It’s their house, you have to play by their rule, realistically, they don’t need you!” and doing bigger things than kneeling and being more efficient in the community
    59:05 TK’s take on Charlamagne’s Gucci Mane interview vs The Breakfast Club + making money with people you don’t get along
    1:01:31 Van Halen
    1:02:37 Adam asks TK if he would work with someone who did him dirty after years had passed + the potential knot on your stomach if you do so
    1:04:28 How to experience a peaceful life + Michael Richards potentially ending his career because he didn’t have a good night sleep
    1:05:37 TK’s longevity in comedy, being well paid, brought up to be humble yet successful, stay lowkey and flex occasionnally: “the farmer’s mentality”
    1:07:37 Being mindful of what you want your legacy to be + the goal of staying healthy
    1:09:39 Old folks home shady business
    1:13:00 Adam asks how TK will teach his kids about racism + TK says “You must be sure about what you want to learn before going to college” and adds:”It’s crazy how you need a college degree to work for someone else, but you need no degree to start your own business”

  2. Yo at 32:32 when he said he’s humble I literally lol’d. Right after telling a story about taking a girl on a date to his own comedy show 😂😂😂

  3. Just because you work out and eat well dont mean you’re gonna live a long life, I know a guy who never smoked or drank a day in his life. Ate good, and did fitness. But he died of a heart attack before the dude who was partying…..

  4. Ive always seen dj envy as the leader of the breakfast club… not sayin he’s my favorite but i feel like Yee & CthaGod consult to him on the final decisions on the show


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