Friday, January 27, 2023
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The Stevie Williams Interview

Legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams speaks on his legacy, hoe he got into skateboarding, fatherhood, the Philly LOVE park, his beef with Weckingball, his interview with Snoop Dogg, the lifestyle that comes with skateboarding and more.



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  1. 0:20 – Still Skating and Smoking
    0:53 – Not smoking during the Snoop Dogg podcast because of the fear of ruining relationships with sponsors
    1:39 – The lifestyle that comes with skateboarding and trying to be careful with what you influence the kids with
    2:41 – Stevie Williams being a representation of street skateboarding
    3:25 – There being a fine line between being sponsored and selling out in skateboarding
    4:26 – Stevie WIlliams having a huge influence in the BMX world
    5:18 Stevie Williams influences as a young skateboarder and going from being homeless to a payed skateboarder
    6:42 – There being a fetishization of gang and street life and skateboarding
    8:47 – Stevie Williams getting help and one on one talks from Josh Kalis, Kareem Cambell, Rob Dyrdek and Tony Hawk because of his talent
    9:55 – Stevie Williams gaining a bad reputation through his childhood
    11:14 – Stevie Williams having an epiphany at a manual pad
    13:30 – No one wants to fail but everyone wants to be a winner
    14:00 – “Best thing about skateboarding is failures”
    15:33 – Stevie Williams on being laughed at for skateboarding
    15:52 – Having many challenges to deal with when you have something you want done and not too many authentic people around anymore
    17:28 – Dealing with “Survivors remorse” and missing the old days at LOVE Park
    21:45 – Not seeing the future in a skateboarding career and not having much confidence
    23:26 – Telling his mom he had to move to California to continue a skateboarding career
    25:16 – Growing uo at LOVE park and dealing with the cops that protected the park
    26:48 – Could the vibe of LOVE Park be recreated
    28:10 – Switching his life up to keep up with whats important
    30:18 – Balancing being a professional skateboarder and being a dad
    31:38 – Are Stevie Williams kids exited about skateboarding
    32:00 – Skateboarding being a multifaceted sport and having many lanes to travel
    35:00 – Loving skateboarding but always just wanting to be a dope fly street dude
    36:07 – “Skateboarding was corny for 20 years of my life”
    38:34 – How did it feel that celebrities like lil Wayne are the ones who made skateboarding a mainstream thing
    41:22 – What got Stevie Williams into skateboarding
    44:15 – Does Stevie Williams get worried about how skateboarding is being represented
    47:04 – Dropping out of school to hitchhike to San Francisco
    47:48 – Having to buy his kids fortnite skins
    50:28 – Skateboarding being a father figure to Stevie Williams
    53:30 – The media starting to talk about the immorality of skate stoppers
    54:40 – The reason why Philadelphia didn’t save LOVE Park
    56:55 – Giving out skateboards and other things on low income neighborhoods through the DGK program “saved by skateboarding”
    58:17 – Numbers and clout not meaning anything to Stevie Williams
    1:01:57 – Skateboarding being a “look” now
    1:04:54 – What made Stevie Williams call out Weckingball
    1:10:10 – As a Professional skateboarder dealing with people like Wecking ball should be expected
    1:11:09 – What are Stevie Williams priorities at the moment
    1:12:47 – Atlanta helped out Stevie Williams because of the support
    1:14:30 – Getting to a point where you want to relax and chill financially

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