Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The ShittyBoyz Interview

ShittyBoyz talk about their rise to fame, forming the group at a young age, people copying their style, Detroit rap scene, scam rap, not doing drugs and social media.



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  1. 00:49 House Phone put Adam22 on the ShittyBoyz
    01:30 Scam rap is the next big rap wave
    03:03 The ShittyBoyz are sober. No drugs, smoke or drinking.
    04:12 Growing up playing basketball. Hoop references in the bars. Remembering Kobe Bryant.
    06:00 Adam22 gets a shoutout in a ShittyBoyz song.
    06:18 ShittyBoyz origin. BabyTron and Stan Will meet in 5th grade.
    06:56 Family members promoting. Trying to force collaborations with random people.
    07:38 Dealing with real fans and fake people looking for clout.
    10:12 Adam22 dodges a fight with fan in Las Vegas
    12:15 TR Dee joins the ShittyBoyz after linking in school.
    13:10 Early music influences. Gaining traction with peers in school.
    15:05 The explanation behind “Game Breaker” and the origin of ShittyBoyz name
    16:50 ShittyBoyz beat selection. 80’s disco, sampling.
    17:43 Rap flow influences. Punchline flows. What sets the ShittyBoyz apart from the rest?
    19:10 What’s the vibe in a ShittyBoyz studio session? Bouncing back and forth, freestyling.
    19:33 Meeting TeeJayx6, Kasher Quan and supporting each other along the way.
    20:20 “Scam Diego” compilation on the way.
    20:40 Detroit youth portraying scammer image but not living it.
    22:03 Drug game old school.
    23:20 Trying In-N-Out for the first time
    25:31 House Phone’s producer, 420Tiesto, and BabyTron are twins
    25:50 Lando Bando @Hiphoplab finds Shittyboyz through social media post
    27:35 Housephone shoes praise for Shitty Boyz “3-Peat” Tape
    28:25 Detroit adapting the back and forth rap style
    33:05 What’s next for the ShittyBoyz?
    34:32 The mystery behind BabyTron’s ethnicity revealed
    36:00 ShittyBoyz discuss “New Year, Same Scam” project
    36:14 BabyTron growing up biracial
    37:35 Explaining Detroit slang
    38:45 People always want to get sober people under the influence
    41:58 ShittyBoyz have no tattoos
    42:20 Who is the ShittyBoyz audience? Gaining traction on TikTok with “Smash Bros”
    45:20 Blueface x ShittyBoyz song just makes sense
    46:20 Trickery and comedy of Detroit rap. How the wordplay and surprises keeps you interested.
    50:14 BabyTron can’t get the @BabyTron Instagram
    51:17 Remembering Vine with Byte
    52:55 ShittyBoyz vs. any rappers in basketball


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