Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The NLE Choppa Interview

Choppa finally makes his way to the No Jumper podcast to talk about his new EP, how making music is therapeutic, Rolling Loud, his upbringing, his Mom, Juice Wrld, how kids using drugs to go viral is outrageous, his relationship with BlocBoy JB before they were famous, his relationship with Lil Gotit, their Beef and more!



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  1. 0:29 – Performing at Rolling Loud
    1:31 – Music being NLE Choppa’s therapy and enjoying making different sounding music that sounds chiller
    3:43 – What did NLE Choppa listen to when he was growing up
    4:29 – NLE Choppa’s mom moving to America from Jamaica
    6:29- Ad Break
    6:53 – When did NLE Choppa become interested in music and getting 100k on his first song
    8:35 – You need an image to get somewhere in rap
    9:44 – Not being into weed at first but giving it a second chance
    11:59 – Making chiller and more melodic music now
    13:26 – Is popping pills and trying prescription drugs an issue amongst the younger kids right now?
    14:41 – What influenced NLE Choppa to try drugs and does he worry about his influence on his audience
    17:10 – Kids taking huge doses of drugs to become viral
    17:36 – NLE Choppa now single and enjoying the new lifestyle
    20:30 – When did NLE Choppa become aware and apart of Gangs
    22:20 – Knowing Blockboy JB before he became famous
    23:00 – Signing to his label
    24:09 – Making his mom his manager
    25:44 – NLE Choppa’s ex saying that NBA Youngboy is the Goat
    27:33 – Was NLE Choppa a fan of Juice WRLD
    28:00 – Recording off the top of the head and not writing does lyrics
    29:00 – Whats the status of the Lil Gotit Beef
    31:03 – Having a lot to go through the past year
    32:47 – What role should the label have in the artists life
    33:47 – Labels signing specific artists’
    36:20 – Fans reaching out to NLE Choppa about his music changing their lives
    37:00 – Was NLE a fan of Tay K
    38:43 – Is NLE Choppa a fan of Kodak
    39:02 – Was the beef with Jackboy squashed?
    39:47 – NLE Choppa saying Xxxtentacion was a profit
    42:03 – Is NLE Choppa into video games
    43:15 – Has the relationship between NLE and his mom changed since she became his manager
    44:48 – NLE Choppa Chicken dance
    46:00 – Coming out with a short film to release with his EP
    47:24 – How important is this Ep to NLE Choppa

  2. I’m not hating on the individual that’s speaking right now but it sounds like he has marbles in his mouth and then I understand from the south that’s the way they talk I get it I’m not hating I’m just concerned and wondering why that’s all


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