Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The Laci Kay Somers Interview

Laci Kay shares with us the ins and outs of being an influencer, what she’s willing to do to further her career, from being bullied at school to thriving regardless, Laci Kay has made the proper moves to become successful.

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  1. 1:23 – Thinking she was going to lose her life in an elevator
    2:19 – Living in LA but growing up in SF
    4:03 – Girls with no curves have an easier time with monetization
    6:47 Being home schooled because of bullies
    7:36 – A girl was planning on hurting her in school
    9:16 – Avoiding using profanity on Instagram Posts
    10:11 – Being verified doesn’t mean anything
    10:45 – Instagram not having consistent rules for creators
    13:19 – Being home schooled compared to public or private school
    14:46 – Being antisocial
    16:07 – Never partying or doing illegal substances
    17:28 – Crying everyday at nursing school
    19:08 – Wanting to either adopt or have a surrogate to not change her body?
    21:03 – Being able to retire of she wanted to
    22:22 – Investing in Bitcoin was the right move
    23:09 – Building her Instagram since the beginning
    25:33 – Doing brand deals off Instagram
    26:10 – Not pushing Fit Tea
    28:56 – Being comfortable in her own skin
    33:32 – Branching out to make friends
    33:50 – Girls looking completely different on Instagram vs real life
    35:29 – Promoting a “perfect” look on Instagram to younger viewers?
    37:21 – Never being fully nude in content
    39:47 – Could be more ahead in the music industry if she had slept with certain people…
    41:41 – Getting taken seriously in the music industry
    43:46 – People charging her more once they find out who she is
    45:12 – WSHH always posting her and supporting her
    48:28 – Reacting to the biggest **** on earth
    50:49 – Watching two girls one cup, was it even real?
    54:09 – Focusing on eating healthy and fitness
    56:16 – Not being public about any relationships
    59:38 – Not paying attention to politics

  2. What’s the deal with all these god damn thumbnails of whamen sticking their tongues out? Guys not doing it for a REASON:



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