Sunday, August 14, 2022
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The Kid Laroi Speaks on Meeting Juice Wrld, Signing to Same Management & His Passing

Laroi tells us how his relationship with Juice Wrld started, how they made the connection and their creative ignition that was cut short.



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  1. Finding out from sols discovery, that most producers, need to practice reading and writing, to not get caught in the loop of expecting ‘sound’ to always cater to their current state of being. Its like living in a spa that has little to no disturbances, when the waves are always different. Rappers need to stretch their minds – be educating their passions through language, it’ll help their cadences, and stances. It’ll help exercise their synapses to extend to areas beyond being “meloncholy” with the oxygenation of the corridors that require envelopes of development

  2. I’ll never forgot the first time I crossed paths with Juice. Definitely influenced the way I record now. You should do TheHxliday next. Love you Adam 🖤

  3. I’m on track to start my own record label like, TM$, we about to make MILLIONS! My next music video will release in 45 minutes! I would love some support and/or feedback. Please Sub and check it out! ❤️

  4. I think Adam is a b::::h he always talks to these rappers participate in the same activity and then trash talked juice about his problems. If he had such a problem y did u participate in the same stuff he did and then act like ur better . I think ur a joke . U act like u wanted to blame his team . It would be nice to see someone call adam out on his fake side effects and show him what real life is and shut his bozo the clown azz up. Juice had problems just like anyone else but he was a genius and lyrically inclined that could’ve reach far expectations beyond the scope .

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