Monday, December 5, 2022
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The Justin Whang and NerdCity Interview

Justin, NerdCity and Adam touch on absolutely everything you need to know about Youtube, Soundcloud, building a brand, being a creator and so much more!



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  1. 0:12 – How did Justin Whang and Nerd City become friends
    0:34 – Justin Whangs transition into making the youtube history videos
    1:19 – Nerd City on why it takes him so long to put out content
    4:15 – Nerd City being a big fans of Adams cringe Soundcloud rappers videos
    6:51 – Justin Whang on liking the No Jumper GWAR Interview
    8:09 – How does Justin Whang come up with ideas for his videos
    11:51 – Taylor Swift
    12:52 – Justin Whangs audience consuming content that they don’t know they want
    14:24 – Timeless content vs “spur of the moment” content
    15:40 – Boredom pushes you to be even more creative + Justin Whangs work ethic and process
    16:37 – Was Justin Whang planning on or dreaming of being a full time Youtuber
    18:44 – Adam22 on all the “Andys” coming from the ice Poseidon community
    21:01 – Adam22 on Dan Bilzerians awkward livestream
    22:55 – Richard Dawkins pioneering the word “Meme”
    24:38 – Adam22 on Howard Stern thriving on censorship
    25:36 – Why is Jackass funnier than watching the paul brothers even though the content is similar
    27:45 – Kids go through a faze where the most offensive thing is the funniest
    30:36 – Will Six9ine have sponsorship capabilities after prison + what is brand acceptable
    32:42 – Justin Whangs content in danger of being flagged and demonetized
    33:59 – Adam22 on not being able to trick the youtube demonetization process
    37:17 – Nerd City not counting on Ad sense money anymore + what type of content gets approved
    41:54 – Rules on Youtube and Twitch around alcohol
    43:30 – Filthy Franks videos are the cannery in the coal mine
    44:40 – The simplest tweets usually do the best
    46:15 – Adam22 on getting 200k likes on a tweet
    47:49 – Twitter being an uphill battle
    52:20 – Adam22 on Seth Dunlap situation
    54:51 – Adam22 on not knowing anything about Lele Pons
    53:52 – A lot of youtubers not giving Facebook a chance
    56:16 – Nerd City on google employees making and breaking youtubers + Jennelle Eliana
    1:03:38 – Music industry finding all potential artists on soundcloud or youtube before they become too big
    1:04:12 – Music execs/managers boosting and tweaking numbers for their artists
    1:05:06 From nepotism to industry plants (Haim, Limp Bizkit…)
    1:08:26 Why do artists sign? What do labels offer nowadays?

  2. 37:17 I think this EVERY TIME I have to endure cable TV, Whang is right….how did our internet videolandia become more sterilized than TV?

  3. Came here from NerdCity™.
    Just finished this episode and I loved it!
    As a podcast junkee, I can’t believe this podcast slipped from right under my nose this entire time. Now I’m wondering what other casts are out there that I missed.
    Well anyways..
    I’m subscribing to this right now. Thanks for the good talk. Looking forward to more while I go through your backlog. 😀

  4. man what youre doing with editing, NERDCITY is priceless. your videos are visionary and GENUINELY INSPIRED. its like fine art. with a good moral compass and solid foundation


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