Friday, January 27, 2023
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The Jadakiss Interview

T5DOA Jadakiss made his way to the No Jumper podcast and we couldn’t be any happier! He and Adam shared a nerdy, funny and candid conversation around his latest album ‘Ignatius’ in homage to his late friend Maurice “Icepick Jay” Jackson. They also talked about staying healthy, his beginnings, up and coming artists and the future of Def Jam.



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  1. 0:16 Jadakiss is honored to be on No Jumper
    1:03 “My team and my kids told me I had to come here!”
    2:35 Adam recounts the story about seeing a “skinny ass” Jadakiss in New York
    3:13 Jadakiss talks about getting healthy and staying healthy
    4:05 Styles P started the trend of being healthy now the team has few juice bars
    4:52 Food options in the hood are not the best
    5:17 Jadakiss options when he eats on the road
    6:22 Adam breaks down the different era of Jadakiss
    6:53 “If you can make a career and put your kids through College, that’s a blessing”
    7:43 Still being relevant by only being a rapper when other rappers get bags in different ways
    8:22 Jadakiss is still passionate about rapping
    8:56 Jadakiss is a lyricist at heart and first and foremost + name other rappers in the same category
    10:25 “There’s more hot pocket out there than home cooked meals”
    11:07 Making an album in the late 90 and being told how to structure a song
    11:19 “We were rhymin way too much back then”
    12:09 Adam talks about how artists work and they build their songs
    12:55 Jadakiss still sparks about a zip a day
    14:19 Jadakiss crying while recording certain songs on this album and how his family is also raspy
    15:23 Jadakiss breaks down why this album matters so much to him and the process of making it
    16:49 Jadakiss explains why the passing of his friend Ignatius Maurice “Icepick Jay” Jackson were such a shock to him “He was so healthy, I didnt see it coming”
    18:08 Jadakiss explains how he finally found out what was going on with Ignatius
    19:16 What was the features Ignatius wanted you to do
    21:11 Working with Clipse and Pusha T
    22:17 Jadakiss bars stuck in Adam’s head
    23:19 “Yonkers is meth town, still to this day!”
    24:03 Adam drops another Jada bar, Jadakiss appreciates Adam’s ear for his lyrics
    25:01 Jadakiss talks about balance in the game “For every Griselda, there are 500 bullshits”
    25:57 The rise of Griselda in the media vs the masses “Better late than never”
    26:13 Benny called Adam right before this interview
    26:29 Jadakiss might be working on something with Griselda
    27:38 Pop Smoke “Very sad for hip hop, this is not what we are supposed to represent. I blame a lot of people for this tragedy!”
    30:00 “We used to have security around us when we started”
    30:38 “Anything can happen anywhere, but you just have to move a certain way and be more careful”
    31:21 Adam brings up a classic hood Jadakiss video
    33:00 Adam talks about the Smack DVD era
    34:51 Is this the last album for Def Jam?
    35:22 Paul Rosenberg leaving Def Jam might cause chaos at the label “I didn’t think he would be there long anyways, too much on his plate”
    36:13 Would Jadakiss take over Def Jam?
    36:59 “Give me a corner office! I would do a better job than most people for sure”
    37:52 Is the name Def Jam still holds weight?
    38:33 Adam drops another Jadakiss bar
    39:25 Adam brings back the gun size flow style
    40:30 Adam drops another Jadakiss bar “Superhead supposedly got her name from that bar”
    42:04 What Jadakiss thinks about IG models and OnlyFans girls
    43:01 The best strip clubs were never in New York
    44:29 Jadakiss describes the simple things he likes to do with his kids
    45:26 Coming in and out of that home environment and going outside reminding yourself that you’re famous
    46:35 Jadakiss still only eats the crust of the pizza
    47:40 Adam talks about riding through a Styles P video set when he was younger
    48:34 “No Jumper I made Ma!”

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  3. Adam you get a fist bump 👊🏾 for this interview 💯 I would dap you up but ya know with corona out there and shit


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