Sunday, January 29, 2023
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The Inas X Interview

Previously signed to Fetty Wap’s label, Inas X is now elevating her independent status! She holds no punches when it comes to breaking down how some men and executives treated her when she was young and naive. She now knows what she wants and make sure to voice her opinion loud and clear!



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  1. 0:41 Rappers flex in the studio where no one can really see them, only for the gram
    3:15 Inas and Adam talk fashion dos and donts
    6:17 Growing up in Brooklyn, raised by a strong Mom
    7:54 Do you date rappers? “I used to make stupid decisions”
    8:11 Used to be signed to RGF Production
    8:47 Inas describes how her ex boyfriend cheated on her, then found comfort with Fetty
    10:21 Inas talks about getting pregnant with Fetty’s baby “I wasn’t ready to have a baby! And I didn’t want to be baby mama #9”
    12:18 Fetty didn’t care either way wether she kept the baby or not
    13:29 Was it a traumatic time? “After the baby situation, I got diagnosed with MS”
    14:29 Did you have any signs that you were sick? “My left eye vision started to fade”
    15:21 Living with MS “I’m getting better, I feel good”
    16:07 How were you discovered by Fetty?
    17:07 Being young and signing a deal is nerve-wrecking, Taylor Swift and Joe budden
    17:47 How did you get out of this bad record deal? “I got out of it, but Wap is fucked!”
    18:43 “It was always my dream, touring, etc yet I’m in a F’d up situation, but ultimately, I also made bad decisions by signing that deal!”
    19:49 “Being an intern at Def Jam showed me how crazy the industry was” + Inas explains how men were preying on her when she was only 19
    21:42 Some women are just as bad “Some women execs were mean as well”
    22:48 “Timbaland saw my talent early on but he was also hitting on me when I was 19”
    23:23 Fetty was the first one who took me seriously, talked to the label and wanted to sign me, it was about my talent first
    24:34 Not being under contract anymore, feeling free and new endeavors “I embrace all my influences, I can sing and I can rap!”
    25:54 Being a writer, love to collab as well + Working with Lil Xan “I made him rewrite his verse”
    27:36 “I feel like people only want to hear the crazy stuff” + Witnessing crazy shit going down at Chris Brown’s house
    28:40 “N**** better stop cappin’, naked women running around, that ain’t cute!”
    29:05 How did Inas ended up at CB’s house? “They lure you in with the studio vibe”
    That first studio session was amazing! But the second one wasn’t
    31:41 “They take your phone when you go to these crazy mansion parties”
    33:47 People doing blow it out of control! You never suspects who is using..
    36:25 Xanz are more prone to become a habit
    37:32 It’s a shame and sad how easy it is to get a prescription “My doctor was pushing it on me with my MS”
    38:42 Working with PNB Rock is amazing, he’s one of my favorite people
    40:59 Trey Songs strikes again “He came to see me in the club and then acted all shy”
    48:31 Inas breaks down the cons of having a sugar daddy, “I will never sell myself for money to an old man” +”I love Kim and Kanye together, they’re married and claiming each other, elevate each other, that is dope!”
    50:47 Inas new music coming with Xan, K Camp and current single “Loca”
    51:27 “Growing up I was inspired by Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, but no one looked like me either”
    52:58 Middle eastern women are suppressed and women all around the world
    53:57 Adam and Inas have a real and awesome conversation about religion and going to Church + “Religion is beautiful, but the way some people use it, interpret it and pass it on, can make people unhappy”

  2. I didn’t know who she was before, but watching her interviews made me like her because of how she carries herself and want to check out her music.


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