Friday, January 27, 2023
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The Fresh X Reckless Interview

New Orleans phenomenon Fresh & Reckless is taking over! From catchy songs to amazing dance moves and high level energy, Fresh X Reckless is definitely coming for the number one spot! Their video “Drippin So Hard” drops today!



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  1. 0:52 How did the group get together?
    1:43 New Orleans being an important part of their identity
    2:26 When the buzz started to really bubble up
    3:01 Woke up to a viral moment “I woke up to beaucoup DMs!”
    3:41 The dance and overall aesthetics
    4:40 Been doing this but one day decided to actually make videos and show the world
    5:40 Music influences
    6:41 The group was in the drum line together? “How he know that!?”
    7:30 Being competitive but still tight “Who’s the Beyonce?”
    8:15 How was the group back in high school? “I was the class clown!”
    10:03 Fresh X Reckless and their fanbase
    11:16 Which one is most likely to join the NBA
    12:46 How the music video process come about
    14:22 “Drippin so hard” acappella + New video out today
    15:04 Stayin on top of new dances
    15:38 F&R explain where “Pinky so retaaawded” come from
    15:57 Adam sings “Pinky so retaaawded”
    16:26 Explaining the car accident situation
    17:53 Spending time in the studio, getting in the zone and writing smash songs
    18:44 F&R explain talk about their live performance
    19:06 Big artists who reached out to Fresh x Reckless
    21:15 RIP Michael Jackson
    21:40 White girl stealing black girl dance on tik tok!
    23:20 T-Daddie’s iconic hair flip
    23:55 T-Daddie’s other iconic sound effect and other hair flip
    25:11 How F&R party?
    25:53 Staying brand friendly, keep it clean and be loved by everyone like Michael Jackson
    26:56 Who is still on Facebook?
    27:30 When Pops talk, we listen! Management explain why the group is so successful
    30:25 The group make fun of Pops musical past as K.Gates and his song “Black&Gold (Who Dat)”
    31:07 Book Fresh & Reckless and get ready for an insane show!
    32:34 Adam grabbing F&R merch
    32:43 F&R getting booked for every occasion, even if you give birth
    33:31 F&R performing in the delivery room!?
    34:02 New video “Drippin Hard” out today and a project in the works
    34:22 Artists they love and want to collab with
    35:29 F&R explain why they love Billie Eilish “We feel her music in our guts, our esophagus!?”

  2. They gon get a lot of hate, but that is the very thing that’ll propel them. That, memes and live performances. I fw these niggas 💯


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