Monday, May 29, 2023
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The DamnHomie11 and Francety Interview

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Comedians DamnHomie11 and Francety, stopped by the program to talk about their come up, WSHH, their followings, being totally against any substances, their stance and supporting white women, the type of men they’re dating and more!


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  1. 0:28 – DamnHomie11 and Francety becoming friends through WSHH
    1:51 – What does Francety think of herself
    2:18 How did Francety get into this world of Instagram sexy Comedy
    3:27 – Francety’s Fan Base consisting of WSHH fans and Indians
    4:43 – Francety being secretive about her onlyfans account
    5:17 – Good looking Colombians coming to america to take our money through onlyfans
    6:24 – Damnhomie11 not supporting white woman on onlyfans
    9:53 – What is keeping Francety from going into the porn world
    11:17 – Damnhomie11 and Francety and not liking Anal
    12:26 – Eagle Energy Ad
    14:06 – Damnhomie11 losing her old IG page and starting from 0 followers again
    15:55 – Only ugly or small dick guys send dick pics
    17:42 – Francety not trying cocaine until coming to America
    19:21 – Damnhomie11 on not liking coke heads
    20:13 – Damnhomie11 only drinks Alcohol 3 times a year
    21:30 – Damnhomie11 will only date a guy with a Felony but doesn’t do drugs
    24:10 – “Don’t do drugs that will make you want to suck dick”
    26:37 – Damnhomie11 on woman losing all their followers after having a baby
    27:42 – Woman shouldn’t post their kids on the same page they post their tits and body on
    30:02 – Damnhomie11 on taking Adam22’s advice on trying to be single for a while
    33:26 – What does Adam22 think of a jealous woman
    34:35 – Adam22 on Wack100 creating a diaper company
    36:54 – Damnhomie11 would never date a white guy
    40:30 – Russian women only want citizenship
    44:48 – Colombian woman have a lot of love to give
    46:20 – Colombian girls are taking over the private snap market
    46:40 0- Francety on being on the top percent earners of onlyfans and her life dramatically changing in a year
    47:13 – Damnhomie11 on WSHH employees getting tons of pussy
    49:36 – Damnhomie11 likes Jail Guys because they can manipulate her
    50:20 – No one can be the toughest person forever
    51:20 – Wanting a man that will stand up for the woman
    57:45 – Getting punched in the pussy for a skit
    59:12 – Damnhomie11 considering herself a comedian instead of a model
    1:02:17 – Francety would have sex with a girl but wouldn’t have a relationship
    1:05:00 – Sucking dick is harder than eating pussy
    1:06:08 = Damnhomie11 wont fuck a guy with too big of a dick
    1:07:30 – Damnhomie11 can only watch lesbian porn and Francety likes watching gay male porn
    1:09:55 – choking each other during sex
    1:14:43 – Letting your partner know who are from the beginning of the relationship

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