Monday, May 29, 2023
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The Blueface and Wack100 Interview

Blueface and his manager Wack100 came through the podcast and talked about everything from Wack’s recent leaked Nipsey Hussle conversation to what exactly Wack does for Blueface and much more. Enjoy!



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  1. 0:30 – No jumper is the first platform to play BlueFace
    1:09 – The need to constantly flex on instagram
    1:56 – “Wildin out ” makes you more talked about
    3:28 – Wack100 doesn’t like Blueface flashing his money
    6:19 – Blueface getting hate for bringing his Hood to the Mainstream
    8:33 – Does it feel like a lot pressure to be the “Golden Child” of the neighborhood
    9:04 – Blueface recently beating a case
    10:40 – What is the relationship between Wack100 and Blueface
    11:58 – Using intimidating tactics to get better business deals
    12:55 – Wack100 on accepting all original offers for Blueface to build his reputation as an artist
    14:37 – Helping Blueface keep a good work ethic
    15:00 – Wack100 on not getting payed for certain deals with Blueface
    15:50 – Blueface on the hectic lifestyle that comes with performing
    17:11 – Whats the hard part of being a manager
    19:00 – Blueface getting caught with 3 ozs of hash in Scandinavian
    20:25 – Wack100 and Blueface will not participate in No Nut November
    22:41 – Wack100 asking Adam22 how he infiltrated Hip Hop culture
    24:30 – Blueface wants Adam22 to get to the messy shit
    24:59 – What happened to the Blueface Drake collab
    25:59 – What terms is Blueface on with his family
    28:37 – Did Blueface slow down his sex life
    29:29 – Blueface fashion nova collab
    32:00 – Wack100 on building generational wealth
    33:06 – Did The Game fire Wack100
    35:26 – Leaked audio about Nipsey Hussle
    37:30 – Gang culture its own unique culture with irrational rules
    41:33 – Wack100 calls on radio stations fake
    43:00 – Nipsey Hussle wasn’t treated like a legend when he was still alive
    45:25 – What was the conversation like with Big U after the leaked audio
    47:53 – Blueface is shadow banned
    49:35 – What female artists does Blueface want to work with
    50:00 – What kind of woman does Blueface like
    50:28 – What does Blueface care more about – Being a rapper in the streets or having commercial success
    51:25 – Wack100 on the Mike Tyson fight
    54:50 – Wack100 on creating “Incredible Diapers”
    57:33 – Wack100 wants to collab with No Jumper to make CBD water
    59:44 – “If I reach across this table and slap the fuck out of you” – Wack100
    1:02:33 – Wack100 on stopping gang violence
    1:04:12 – Blueface leaves
    1:04:50 – Why Blueface didn’t post anything about Nipseys Death
    1:09:18 – The Game keeping Nipseys name alive
    1:11:30 – Wack100 says Adam22 likes to paint him as the bad guy
    1:13:25 Wack100 on the rolling 60s situation

  2. Blue face is fucking trash lol Wack is only smart at one thing and that is picking little boy fake gangstas to extort 😂

  3. WACK 100 is not and Never has been a ICON. He is the GAMES body guard thats it. He has made No contribution to hip hop what so ever.


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